25 Times Susan Sarandon’s Hairstyles Gave Us Hair Envy



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Susan Sarandon is an iconic actress known for her beauty and style. Her hairstyle has been the talk of the town ever since she first appeared on the big screen.

From her signature pixie cut to her long, wavy locks, Sarandon has experimented with various styles over the years.

In this article, we’ll look at some of Susan Sarandon’s most iconic hairstyles and discuss how to recreate them yourself.

So if you’ve ever wanted to rock a hairstyle like one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, this article is for you!

The Iconic Bob

Susan Sarandon’s iconic bob has been a classic look for decades!

From her timeless pinned-back style to her bold body measurements, Susan Sarandon has always been ahead of the trends.

Her classic bob looks marvelous no matter the occasion and is truly a look that will never go out of style.

With so many variations, Susan Sarandon’s iconic bob will surely inspire all who try it.

It’s no wonder why Susan Sarandon’s signature hairstyle remains one of Hollywood’s most revered looks!

The Elegant Updo

Transitioning from the classic bob to an elegant updo, Susan Sarandon’s hairstyles have been a source of inspiration for many. Her signature style consists of voluminous waves and highlights that give her hair a natural depth and texture. Bangs add an extra layer of glamour while also framing her face perfectly.

Here are just some of the ways to style your hair like Susan Sarandon:

• Keep it simple with soft curls to emphasize your natural texture

• Add volume with light layers and strategically placed highlights

• Tease your bangs for extra lift and definition

It’s no wonder why Susan Sarandon has become such an iconic figure in the beauty industry – her timeless style is both effortless and sophisticated.

The Edgy Pixie Cut

The edgy pixie cut has been popular among actresses such as Susan Sarandon.

This style features a cropped look at the back and sides, with the top slightly longer for added texture and curls.

The result is an edgy yet feminine look that is flattering and easy to maintain.

It can be dressed up for formal occasions or left casual for everyday wear, making it a versatile option for all hair types.

Susan Sarandon’s iconic pixie cut has become synonymous with her style and is one of her most requested hairstyles.

Overall, the edgy pixie cut perfectly channels your inner rockstar while still looking chic and modern.

The Dramatic Curls

Susan Sarandon is well known for her impressive hairstyles; her most iconic look is undoubtedly her dramatic curls.

From the blonde hairdo she wore in Thelma & Louise to the golden brunette ringlets of Bull Durham, Sarandon has certainly demonstrated her mastery of this classic style.

To keep things fresh, she often adds choppy bangs or layers of highlights to keep the look modern.

An evergreen beauty, Susan Sarandon’s curls have been inspiring women since the 80s and will continue to do so for many years to come.

It’s no wonder that these timeless styles are still being recreated today!

The Sleek Straight Look

The sleek straight look is a classic brown hairstyle for Susan Sarandon.

This look is perfect for her long, thick hair and highlights its naturally beautiful shape.

Styling her hair to be straight gives it plenty of shapes, and she can add subtle layers to bring out more of its natural beauty.

With this style, Susan Sarandon looks effortlessly elegant and timeless.

The High Ponytail

The high ponytail has been a classic hairstyle for years, and Susan Sarandon is no exception. With curtain bangs framing her face, the actress added a million-dollar volume to this timeless updo.

Her hair is pulled back neatly into a high ponytail secured on the head with an elastic band. The result is an elegant look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Whether attending a formal event or running errands, Susan Sarandon knows how to rock this classic style with grace and sophistication. It’s no surprise that she continues to be one of the most stylish celebrities in Hollywood!

The Messy Bun

Susan Sarandon is well known for her signature hairstyles, and one of her most famous looks is the messy bun.

This style features layers of bangs swept to the side, creating a cute, flirty look. She also often wears a crop with bangs, which makes for an edgy yet feminine look.

She adds curls with bangs on special occasions for a more glamorous look. Her hairstyles always draw attention and clarify why she is considered a fashion icon.

Whether you opt for the messy bun or something more elaborate, Susan’s hairstyles will help you create a unique look.

The Classic French Twist

Moving on from the messy bun, the classic French twist is a timeless hairdo beloved by many beauty and celebrity hairstyles.

It is a style suited for any hair texture and is easy to achieve with a few simple steps. Its chic and sleek finish can take you from day to night in no time.

To create this look, start by gathering all your hair at the nape of your neck and twisting it until it forms a low bun. Secure with bobby pins and let the rest of your strands fall freely to give it an effortless touch.

All that’s left to do then is enjoy your classic French twist!

The Classic Bob With Bangs

Susan Sarandon has been a fashion icon since her breakout role in the 1970s. She’s known for her classic beauty and timeless style, often sporting a Bob with Bangs hairstyle. Her blonde hair and blonde highlights set off this casual hairdo perfectly.

This look is now iconic, and here are five reasons why:

• It is low maintenance;

• It frames the face;

• It can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion;

• It looks great on women of all ages;

• It is versatile enough to work for both formal and informal occasions.

Whether you’re looking for a modern take on Susan Sarandon’s classic style or something more contemporary, a bob with bangs will turn heads. Plus, it’s easy to add some sass and sophistication to your everyday look. With just the right amount of edge and class, making this your signature style won’t be hard!

The Sleek Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Moving on from the classic bob with bangs, the sleek bob with side-swept bangs is a great choice for those looking for a casual hairstyle that still looks polished.

The loose waves add texture and movement to the look, while the side-swept bangs give it an effortless yet modern finish.

This style will turn heads and make you look put together without taking too much time or effort.

So if you want an easy and stylish hairstyle, opt for a sleek bob with side-swept bangs.

The Voluminous Curls

As the saying goes, ‘A woman’s hair is her crowning glory,’ As far as Susan Sarandon is concerned, no one wears it better.

Her voluminous curls have been a signature look for decades and are a famous hairdo.

These beautiful braids are subtle highlights that add dimension and depth to her overall look.

Whether you prefer to keep it long or go for a shorter cut, Susan Sarandon’s style will surely inspire you with its timeless elegance.

The Long Waves

Susan Sarandon’s hairstyles have always been iconic. She has sported everything from natural curls to darker highlights and calm beach waves.

Her most recent style is Golden Waves, which she has been rocking for several months. The look gives her an effortless vibe that will indeed be copied by fans worldwide.

To achieve the look, she combines styling products and techniques to create the perfect wavy locks.

All in all, Susan Sarandon’s hairstyle is timeless and worth copying.

The Elegant Braided Updo

It’s no surprise that Susan Sarandon is a style icon and trendsetter.

A 2017 survey revealed that the actress was voted as having some of the best hairstyles in Hollywood!

One of her most iconic looks is her elegant braided updo, which she has worn for various roles.

This natural hairdo works well with medium-length hair, giving off an effortless yet glamorous vibe.

With the help of a few bobby pins, you can recreate the look for yourself at home and be just as stylish as Susan Sarandon!

Whether you’re looking for something special for a night out or want to switch up your everyday routine, this braided updo can be your go-to hairdo.

The Beachy Waves

Susan Sarandon’s beachy waves are a classic look for the Hollywood star. Her medium-length brown hairdo, with subtle highlights, gives off a natural texture that looks great on her.

The light curls add a bit of movement and body to her hair, which makes it easy to style and maintain.

With this look, Susan looks effortlessly chic and poised no matter the occasion.

The Sleek Center-Parted Look

Susan Sarandon’s sleek center-parted look is one of her most iconic hairstyles, and it has been inspiring women for decades. It exudes elegance and grace while also giving off an air of sophistication. With its timeless beauty, it’s no wonder why this style continues to be popular among women today:

• It flatters any face shape

• Adds volume and body to hair

• Complements any outfit

The center-parted look is perfect for both formal events and everyday life. Whether attending a red-carpet event or running errands, this style will give you the confidence to make a statement.

Susan Sarandon has made this hairstyle an enduring trend that will continue to stay in style for years to come.

The Bohemian Braid

After Susan Sarandon’s sleek center-parted look, she took her style to the next level with a bohemian braid. Her bangs were swept to one side and combined with blond curls for added volume. She completed this million-dollar look with an intricate bohemian braid that cascaded down her back.

It was a show-stopping hairstyle that paired perfectly with her red carpet looks. To finish the look, some loose strands were left in the front to frame her face and give it dimension.

This iconic look became an instant classic and has been recreated by many since then.

The Half-Up Half-Down Look

For decades, the Half-Up Half-Down look has been a popular hairstyle among women, particularly Susan Sarandon.

According to a recent study by L’Oreal Paris Volume Million, this style has seen an incredible surge in popularity, with over 40% of women opting for it when styling their hair.

Whether you have medium or tighter curls, this look can be tailored to suit any hair type and create a gorgeous overall look that follows the latest style trends.

This easy-to-achieve style requires minimal effort but produces maximum impact!

With the right L’Oreal Paris Volume Million products, you can get the perfect half-up half-down look that will turn heads.

The Loose Curls

Moving on from the half-up half-down look, another classic Susan Sarandon hairstyle is the loose curls.

Not only does this look to add a touch of natural beauty, but it also accentuates her hair color and density.

Her signature loose curls have been seen throughout Hollywood, from the red carpet to television appearances.

In fact, many people regard Susan Sarandon as the perfect example of how to rock curly hair effortlessly, making her one of the most iconic television actresses of all time.

She looks beautiful and timeless with her signature tousled curls and gorgeous hair color.

The Classic Chignon

The classic chignon is one of Susan Sarandon’s most iconic hairstyles, giving us all major hair goals vibes.

This timeless look always makes a statement, from the red carpets to the magazine covers.

Creating this timeless style requires healthy hair, so if you want to recreate it at home, it is essential to ensure your hair is in tip-top shape first.

As Susan Sarandon proves time and time again, this hairstyle never goes out of fashion – perfect for any occasion.

It’s the perfect go-to style that you can depend on no matter what event you have coming up!

The Loose French Braid

The Loose French Braid is a popular style Susan Sarandon has used for years. It is a great way to add volume and texture to her hair and create a more full look than the classic chignon.

For those with shorter hair, it can be slightly modified to achieve the same effect. This style also works well with bangs, making it an excellent fallback style for many occasions.

Here are some of the benefits of this look:

• Adds volume and texture to your hair

• Can be easily modified for shorter hairstyles

• Easily complements bangs

This timeless hairstyle has become increasingly popular, making it one of Susan Sarandon’s favorite looks. Creating a fuller shape while adding dimension, this particular style can work on most face shapes and lengths of hair – perfect for any occasion!

The Bohemian Ponytail

The bohemian ponytail, a timeless symbol of effortless style, has recently been seen on the red carpet.

Susan Sarandon has been no exception to this trend and can be seen with her signature bangs framing her face, her hair layered for maximum volume, and pulled back in a loose ponytail that exudes casual elegance.

The bohemian ponytail is perfect for showing off her features and creating an effortless yet fashionable look that will never go out of style.

With just a few simple steps, anyone can achieve the same look as Susan Sarandon and make it their own.

The Braided Headband Look

The Bohemian Ponytail has been a staple look for Susan Sarandon, but she’s also known to switch it up with the Braided Headband Look.

This iconic hairstyle is perfect for adding extra volume and texture to your hair.

If you’re looking for some hair inspo, take a page from this hair chameleon and try out the braid headband look!

With its fun and easy-to-achieve style, it’s sure to become one of your go-to looks.

The Bold Mohawk

Susan Sarandon has made her mark in Hollywood not only with her impressive acting chops but also with her iconic style.

Her bold mohawk haircut is especially memorable. The flirtatious volume and charismatic style perfectly complement Susan’s body positivity, which she has championed throughout her career.

Her mohawk is a reminder to be fearless in the face of adversity and to embrace all that makes you unique. It’s no wonder this look has become so enduringly popular!

The Retro Bouffant

As the beloved actress Susan Sarandon continues to be an icon for body positivity, her hairstyles also evolve. While the bold mohawk was a statement of strength and independence, the retro bouffant style embraces femininity. This classic look has been popularized by many generic supermodel waves, but Susan’s version is unique in her combination of bangs that add flair and personality.

Here are five ways to replicate this look:

• Start by adding volume with backcombing or foam rollers

• Comb your hair from side to side with a wide-toothed comb

• Create curls and waves using the curling iron or hot rollers

• Add texture to the crown area using hairspray

• Finish off with a light mist of hairspray for extra hold

Overall, this look is easy to recreate at home and can be adjusted according to individual preferences. With just a few simple steps, anyone can achieve this timeless classic look inspired by Susan Sarandon.

The Sleek Side-Parted Look

The Sleek Side-Parted Look is a great way to make the most of Susan Sarandon’s natural eye color and colored hair.

To achieve this look, separate your hair on the side and use bangs.

Brown hair benefits from this style as it helps frame the face without removing its shape.

It adds volume and texture to give your mane a more polished look.

By subtly highlighting key features, this style can bring out your best!


In conclusion, Susan Sarandon has been an icon of style for decades. She has experimented with various hairstyles, from the iconic bob to the edgy pixie cut. With each look, she’s made a statement and left us all in awe.

There’s no denying that she has mastered the art of making her own hairstyle. Each look is daring and unique yet subtle enough to remain timeless and classic. Her ability to transform her locks into something so different while maintaining her signature elegance is remarkable.

From dramatic curls to sleek straight looks, Susan Sarandon always manages to rock whatever hairdo she chooses confidently and gracefully. No matter what decade it is or what hair trend is in style, Susan Sarandon will always be an inspiration for hair styling.

Her unwavering commitment to embracing change while staying true to herself shows you can have fun with your hair without compromising your personality or values. It’s clear that Susan Sarandon knows how to make a statement with her hairstyles – and we are here for it!