25 Adorable Updo’s & Hairstyles for Flower Girls



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Every flower girl needs a beautiful hairstyle to complete her look. Many options are available when deciding on the perfect ‘do, from simple yet stylish updos to more elaborate creations.

As an expert in hair styling and design, I’m here to share my top tips for choosing the right updos & hairstyles for flower girls. From soft buns to intricate braids, these styles will ensure your little one looks as special as she should feel on your big day.

Whether you’re looking for something elegant or playful, there is sure to be a style that suits her perfectly. With this in mind, let’s explore some of the best updos and hairstyles for flower girls!

Half-Up Updos

Half-up updos are a great choice for flower girls. They offer the perfect balance between playful and elegant, adding a touch of sophistication while still keeping it fun and youthful.

You’ll need to start by curling the hair using either hot rollers or an iron wand for these styles. Once you have some nice curls, style them into an updo with bobby pins or braiding techniques. If desired, add accessories like a flower crown or tiara to complete your look.

These half-updos provide plenty of possibilities to create beautiful hairstyles that will make any little girl feel special on her big day!

Classic Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a classic look for flower girls. From simple floral headpieces to intricate styles, these looks can be customized to the individual’s preference and hair type. Here are just some of the possibilities:

1. A single-flower crown with accessories – perfect for those who want something subtle but still beautiful.

2. An elaborate braid that incorporates flowers is great for those wanting more dramatic styling.

3. A half-updo with a few loose floral pieces – ideal for girls with shorter hair or curl types.

4. A full updo with an array of flowers – best suited for long locks or straight hair textures.

No matter your style, your little one will feel like royalty wearing a stunning flower crown! With so many options, finding the perfect look that suits her unique beauty and personality is easy.

Ask your hairstylist about all the creative ways to incorporate flowers into your flower girl’s look!

Big Bow Styles

After the classic flower crowns, it’s time to move on to something more whimsical and fun. Big bow styles are great for adding a touch of extra flair to any updo or hairstyle for your little one! A big hair accessory like this lets you create an intricate look without putting in too much effort – plus, they’re sure to make your flower girl feel special on her big day.

Big bow styles can be incorporated into almost any type of hairdo. If you’re looking for something simple yet elegant, try creating a flower bun with the addition of a large bow at the back. This is perfect if you have shorter hair and long locks; tie up the hair and wrap it around several strands before securing it with bobby pins or clips.

You could also accessorize your daughter’s pixie cut by placing two small bows side-by-side near the front, a unique style that will guarantee she stands out from other flower girls. For those seeking something more extravagant, why not opt for multiple oversized bows throughout the hairstyle? Whatever you choose, there are plenty of options for these eye-catching flower girl hairstyles!

Plaited Hairdos

French braids are a classic look – simple and can give a polished, stylish feel. Dutch braids are more intricate and can add a unique touch to an updo. Fishtail braids look popular when weaved in flowers or other decorative elements.

French Braids

French braids are a timeless classic for plaited hairdos for flower girls. They look effortlessly chic and can be styled in various ways to suit the occasion perfectly!

One of our favorite looks is the French braid crown – this style is beautiful and unique, with its delicate details weaving into an intricate design. It’s also easy to do, so you won’t have to worry about too much time styling these locks!

To create it, you only need to part your little girl’s hair down the middle and begin braiding it from the nape of her neck toward the top of her head. The result? This an adorable hairstyle she’ll love showing off during those special moments on your big day.

Dutch Braids

Another great look for flower girls is the Dutch braid!

This style looks similar to a French braid but has an interesting twist.

Instead of braiding strands over each other, you will cross them under for a more intricate design.

This can create beautifully braided crowns, perfect for adding a unique touch to the special day.

With practice and patience, it’s easy to master this hairstyle and give your little one something stunning that she’ll remember forever.

Fishtail Braids

Now let’s talk about fishtail braids!

This twisted braid is a great way to give your flower girl an eye-catching hairstyle.

Unlike the Dutch braid, you don’t cross strands over each other – instead, you’ll take small pieces of hair from both sides and interweave them together.

The result is a beautiful plait that looks intricate but can be done quickly with some practice.

You can also add accessories like ribbons or flowers to make it even more special for her big day!

Baby’s Breath Accents

When it comes to flower girl hairstyles, incorporating a baby’s breath is always a great idea. This delicate-looking white and tiny flower adds a gorgeous pop of color to the updo or style you choose, and it can also give it an extra romantic touch.

Few ideas on how to incorporate baby’s breath in your flower girl look:

1. Create a beautiful crown with assorted flowers and use the baby’s breath to fill all the gaps between them.

2. Place small bunches of baby’s breath throughout braided up-dos for a feminine finish.

3. Make sure there’s plenty of Baby’s Breath mixed into any basket of flower petals she will be carrying down the aisle.

4. Accentuate French twists or buns by adding tufts of Baby’s Breath around them.

Using these sweet little blooms won’t take much effort – just ensure they stay intact while working with them! This way, you’ll create cute and unique looks for any type of flower girl hairstyle that will stand out on her special day.

Crowns Of Gold

Ladies, prepare to feel the enchanting vibes of a fairytale and let your flower girls shine with heavenly hairstyles!

We have all the perfect flower girl hairstyles, from classic flower crowns to modern updos with intricate details such as a crown braid or floral headband.

No matter what style you choose for your bridal party’s little princesses, they will remember your ceremony forever!

Beaded headpieces, petal-infused barrettes, and delicate tiaras are just some of the hair accessories available that can help make any look come together flawlessly.

Let these stunning styles be part of something special on your wedding day and give your flower girls an unforgettable experience.

Simple Bun Designs

Moving on from the gorgeous crowns of gold, we now shift our attention to a different kind of bun – simple bun designs. Bun hairstyles may be one of the most popular updos for flower girls as they are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on your needs.

Creating a stunning look doesn’t have to mean complicated techniques; a few simple steps are often all it takes! Here’s how you can create some beautiful looks:

•            Gather hair into a low ponytail – Start by gathering the hair at the nape of the neck in a low ponytail. Secure with an elastic band, and use bobby pins to keep flyaways in place if needed.

•            Twist & wrap – Twist the ponytail until you reach your desired twists (1-3 should do), then wrap it around itself to form a neat bun shape. Secure with more bobby pins as necessary.

•            Add accessories – Now comes the fun part! Top off your ‘do with a dainty bow, flower clip, or even a small, simple flower crown for extra glamour.

With these easy steps, you’ll have an elegant hairdo that’ll make any flower girl shine bright like a diamond! Whether you’re going for classic sophistication or modern chicness, there’s no limit to creating these timeless styles.

So give those little ones something special that’ll last long after their big day has come and gone!

Twisted Updos

Twisted updos are one of the most popular hairstyles for flower girls. They can be easily achieved with a few curls, pins, and maybe even a little ribbon. Twisted updos look super cute on younger kids – they add more fun to their outfits!

To create this style:

  1. Start by curling your hair using small sections and a wand or iron.
  2. Once you have finished creating all your curls, twist them into each other until you get the desired shape.
  3. Secure with bobby pins as needed, then accessorize with pieces like headbands or ribbons in coordinating colors.

No matter what kind of event the flower girl attends, twisted updos will ensure she looks her absolute best! This style is easy enough that it won’t take too long to complete, but it still looks intricate and beautiful when done correctly.

From weddings to birthday parties, these charming updos are perfect for any occasion where a young lady wants to show off her fashionable side.

Ringlet Styles

Ringlet styles are like a bouquet of flowers for flower girls. They provide an array of textures and curls to work with, from loose and soft curls to bouncy and kinky ringlets. Whether you decide on tight coils or waves cascading down the back, these looks can be achieved in varying lengths and hold up nicely during outdoor festivities.

When styling your little one’s hair, there is no shortage of options for creating beautiful ringlet hairstyles. Depending on the desired look, some curling irons and special products designed specifically for curly-haired kids may need to be used.

However, with patience and practice, even novice stylists can create stylish updos with just their fingers! The key is to ensure that each curl has been properly separated and given enough time to cool into place before securing it with pins or clips.

Flower Tuck Hairdos

Ringlet hairstyles are great for flower girls but aren’t the only option. Take your flower girl’s look to the next level with one of these stunning tuck hairdos! These updo styles are perfect for flower girls and will surely make them feel like a princess on their special day:

1. Start by sectioning off the hair at the crown of her head. Secure it with a simple hair tie.

2. Next, take small sections from around the sides and back of her head and begin twisting them towards each other until you’ve created an overlapping effect resembling petals on a flower. Finish by securing this twist into place with bobby pins or clips.

3. Now add some magical accessories to bring out her style’s beauty! A beautiful flower wreath is always classic; delicately flowered barrettes or a sparkly hair vine wrapped around her bun – any of these pieces can create something truly unique and memorable for your sweet little flower girl!

No matter what hair accessory you choose, your flower girl will surely love how she looks on such an important occasion. With so many gorgeous flower girl hairstyle ideas available, plus fun flowery hair ties and other accessories, you’ll easily find something perfect to help make her day even more special!

Tiny Braid Styles

Braided styles are the perfect choice for a flower girl hairstyle.

A beautiful, delicate braid is timeless and classic – perfect for any wedding ceremony.

From intricate French braids to tiny fishtails, there’s no shortage of options for creating stunning wedding hairstyles for flower girls.

From crowns of plaits adorned with flowers or pearls to simple half-updos interwoven with ribbons, the possibilities are endless when styling little ones on the big day!

Braiding hair can add texture, dimension, and depth while keeping strands neat and tidy during the festivities.

Whether you opt for an elegant waterfall braid paired with flowers or a sophisticated Dutch braid teamed with veils, your flower girl will surely look gorgeous in her chosen updo.

Dried Grass Hairstyles

Once you’ve mastered the art of tiny braid styles, it’s time to move on to dried grass hairstyles for flower girls. Dried grass is an ideal accessory when styling hair for weddings and other special occasions, like a flower girl’s look.

It can be used in many ways to create beautiful hairstyles that will stand out among all the ceremony guests. Here are some ideas:

• Create long cascading curls intertwined with dried grass – perfect for medium-length hair.

• Utilize dried grass as accessories within a half up/half down style for shorter haircuts.

• Try weaving strands of dried grass into an intricate fishtail or French braid pattern.

• Use several small pieces to add texture and dimension around the face by tying them onto a high ponytail at the crown area.

These looks can easily be achieved without too much effort, making them great alternatives if you don’t have access to fancy accessories like flowers or bows. Plus, they’ll last through any wedding day festivities!

So next time you’re stumped on how to give your flower girl a unique and stylish hairdo, keep these options in mind—you won’t regret it!

Milkmaid Braid Ideas

Braided hair crowns are the perfect way to give a flower girl makeover. With its intricate yet delicate pattern, it can instantly bring life and glamour to her look.

Imagine a beautiful flower-shaped braid that winds around the head like an enchanted garden of natural flowers – truly breathtaking! From classic French braids to fishtail weaves, there’s something for every little princess out there.

The possibilities with this hairstyle are endless; you can even add some extra sparkle by using beautiful flower hair accessories. Whether adding mini roses or small daisies along the length of the braid, these tiny details will take your child’s updo from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.

Plus, they will be picturesque during every special moment on their big day. Milkmaid braids are a great choice for something unique but stylish enough to showcase any flower girl’s beauty.

Floral Headband Ideas

As a hairstylist, I always look for ways to add flair to flower girls’ up-dos. A floral headband or crown is one of the best accessories to do just that! Whether in bright colors like pink and purple or more subtle accents like white flowers, there’s something special about these kinds of pieces:

1. A floral headband gives an air of elegance to any look – perfect for making your flower girl feel even more beautiful on her special day!

2. Floral crowns are especially great if you want to make a statement with bold colors and patterns.

3. For a more delicate look, try adding smaller blooms with lighter hues around the face.

4. You can also opt for unique arrangements featuring different shades and shapes of petals.

No matter what kind of style you choose, it’s sure to bring out the beauty of your flower girl! Plus, she’ll love wearing such a memorable accessory on her big day!

Wild Crowns

If you’ve been searching for a unique hairstyle that stands out, wild crowns are the perfect option!

Wild crowns offer an exciting twist on traditional flower girl looks – think curly hair adorned with fresh flowers and natural elements like feathers or shells.

Such styles can be created with real and artificial materials, allowing for endless possibilities when crafting your own masterpiece.

White flower crowns remain popular for those looking for something more delicate and romantic.

These look beautiful paired with soft curls cascading down her back, adding just the right amount of sweetness to any special occasion.

Whether you go all out in creating your own wild crown or prefer something more simple and classic, there’s no doubt these stunning styles will make even the most discerning flower girls feel like royalty!

Big Girl Updos

It was like fate when we stumbled across this particular updo. We knew it would be the perfect style for flower girls, and that’s exactly what happened!

The elegant updo is a beautiful choice to go with any bridal hairstyle. It features an intricate design of braids looped up into a bun at the back of their head, creating an adorable look that will make them feel special on your wedding day.

This style isn’t limited to flower girls either – you can use it on other occasions, such as birthday parties or family gatherings. Add delicate accessories like flowers or ribbons to complete the look to get the perfect finishing touch.

With its timeless charm, this updo will take any girl from ordinary to extraordinary!

Olive Branch Wreaths

When creating a beautiful updo for flower girls, olive branch wreaths are an excellent choice. They can be used in various ways depending on the hair texture and length of your flower girl’s hair.

For example, if their hair is long enough, you could opt for a French braid with strands of hair woven into each side of the head while creating a wreath of olive branches around the crown of their head. This look looks very elegant and sophisticated – perfect for any special occasion!

Another great option would be to create two tight braids at the head’s sides and intertwine them at the back of her neck. You can then use small pieces from the olive branches to wind through these braids, adding a lovely decorative touch that will impress you!

No matter what style you choose, combining olive branches with hairstyles creates a stunning result that will make your little flower girl look extra special.

High Ponytails

High ponytails are a classic wedding style that can be dressed up or down. With some simple techniques, you can create the perfect look for your flower girl and add a touch of glamour to her ensemble.

When styling high ponytails, it’s important to consider texture. Loose waves will help keep the style from looking too stiff while adding volume and movement without removing the overall updo.

To get this effect:

  1. Start by curling sections of hair with a medium-barrel iron.
  2. Loosely gather the curls at the crown of the head and secure them in place with an elastic band.
  3. Add more texture using fingers to pull apart pieces around the face for a soft finish with dimension.

To give these high ponytails some extra oomph on your big day, try accessorizing them! Adding a ribbon or flowers is a great way to tie together your little one’s hairstyle with the dress or other accessories they may be wearing.

You could also use sparkly pins or clips along either side of the part line – whatever suits you and your flower girl’s fancy! No matter what embellishments you choose, creating high ponytails will make any flower girl feel special on her wedding day and provide just enough fun flair to complete her look with timeless elegance.

Au Naturel Designs

Regarding updos and hairstyles for flower girls, nothing competes with the beauty of Au Naturel designs.

Imagine walking down the aisle with a real flower crown atop natural curls that perfectly complement your wedding theme and color scheme – absolutely breathtaking!

From braids to buns, an endless array of stunning styles is waiting to be discovered.

You can create hair masterpieces worthy of a fairytale princess with just a few simple tools and products.

Natural curls are ideal for this look as they add texture and bounce when styled in any desired fashion.

The possibilities are limitless when allowing your flower girl’s locks to shine in all their glory.

Plus, no one else will have exactly the same floral-inspired hairdo as yours – how divine!

Whether you choose delicate blossoms or intricate plaits with real flowers, these creative looks will surely make every guest swoon!

Hair Matching The Bride

Now that we’ve covered some of the more natural hairstyles for flower girls, let’s discuss ways their hair can match the bride’s. This is a popular choice among brides and can be easily achieved.

Few ideas to help you create beautiful updos & hairstyles that will make your flower girl look like a princess:

• Opt for an intricate braided style if you want something more formal – Braids add texture and dimension to any updo, perfect for creating a classic, timeless look.

• Consider adding flowers or other delicate accessories to her hair. A small floral accessory or just a few sprigs of baby’s breath can bring the whole ensemble together without being too much.

• Use soft waves to give the hair extra volume – Soft curls or beachy waves are great for ensuring her hair looks full and voluminous all day!

• Choose colors that coordinate with the wedding dress – You should always choose styles and colors that complement each other so that everything flows seamlessly from one element of the wedding party to another.

These simple tips are easy enough for anyone to follow, no matter what kind of hairstyle you’re going for! With these few ideas in mind, you’ll have no trouble finding an updo or hairstyle that matches perfectly with the bride’s look while keeping your flower girl looking as cute as ever.

Large Flower Crowns

When it comes to flower girl hairstyles, large flower crowns can help create an enchanting and whimsical look. Flower crowns add a touch of sparkle and romance that’s perfect for your special day.

Small flowers with thin stems are best for delicate looks, as they provide just enough texture without overwhelming the overall style. A few twists or braids on either side can also be added for extra whimsy.

For more impactful styles, larger blooms should be combined with ribbons and other hair accessories to bring out the piece’s beauty and frame the face perfectly. Be sure to keep any jewelry subtle so as not to remove the statement made by the flower crown itself.

Overall, these romantic designs will make your little one feel like a princess while helping her shine on your big day!

Braided Bun Styles

Flower girls are the little princesses of any wedding, and their hairstyles should reflect that. After all, flower crowns can only do so much! It’s time to start with a classic braided bun style for these little ladies.

While many may think this look is too mature for children, it gives them an effortless elegance that makes them stand out.

The beauty of choosing a braided bun style is its versatility; you can tailor it to each child’s hair texture and age. For example, if you have a younger flower girl with fine hair, opt for a loose updo with small braid details around her face or headband.

Older flower girls with thicker locks will benefit from more intricate plaits and larger volumes at the back of the bun. No matter which routes you take, ensure you give ample attention to achieving a polished finish – there is nothing worse than frizzy flyaways in photos!

You want every detail perfect for your special day, so make sure no strand goes unattended as you create these gorgeous hairdos.

Textured Updos

Textured updos are the perfect way to give your flower girl a cute hairstyle while adding a touch of whimsy. Straight hair is an ideal canvas for textured updos, allowing you to create beautiful sections of hair that will hold all day long.

Here are our top five looks we think your flower girl would love:

• A low bun with side braids and flowers – this look combines two classic styles!

• A half-up style with looped curls – great for keeping unruly bangs out of their face while still looking stylish.

• An airy chignon with a bow – add a fun flair to her look with a delicate accessory like a bow or ribbon.

• A French twist accented with jewels – bring on the sparkle with crystals, pearls, and other gems scattered throughout the upstyle.

• Tree-braid buns – use three small braids wrapped into tiny buns for an eye-catching effect that’s secure enough to last the whole event.

From subtle touches to grand gestures, these updates take updos from simple to stunning! With any luck, you will find the perfect fit for your little lady here.

Long Braid Hairstyles

A long braid hairstyle can make any flower girl feel like a princess! Imagine her twirling around in her beautiful dress with the sun gleaming on her luscious locks. What could be more magical?

Long braids are one of our favorite flower girl hairstyles for adding charm and sweetness to the look. Whether you choose an intricate fishtail or a classic French braid, this style will surely capture everyone’s attention.

Try accessorizing your little one’s hair with tiny bows and sparkly clips to bring out her inner princess even more.

If you want something simpler yet elegant, consider pulling back only half of the hair into a tight ponytail while leaving the rest down or in soft waves. This popular flower girl hairstyle is perfect for creating a sweet but sophisticated look without being too over the top.

High Ballet Bun Designs

The long braid hairstyles are a classic and perfect choice for any flower girl. These styles look beautiful in all hair colors, from blonde to brunette and everything in between. When paired with the right accessories – like baby breath flowers or dainty headbands – it’s easy to create an updo that looks timelessly elegant.

Try one of our high ballet buns designs for a slightly more modern approach. This style is great for medium-length hair textures and works amazingly well when you want your flower girl to feel extra special at the wedding.

This type of look can be tailored to almost any theme – a romantic garden affair or a bohemian beach celebration.

The high ballet bun offers just the right amount of charm and sophistication every flower girl needs.


As a hairstylist, I understand how important it is to find the perfect flower girl hairdo.

From half-up updos and classic flower crowns to big bow styles, plaited hairdos, baby’s breath accents, braided bun styles, textured updos, long braid hairstyles, and high ballet bun designs – there are plenty of options when selecting the right style for your special day!

With so many choices, one might think that choosing an appropriate flower girl hairstyle could be overwhelming; however, it doesn’t have to be.

My advice? Have fun with it!

Flower girls should feel like princesses on their wedding day, and their hair should reflect that sentiment.

Experiment with different textures or colors.

Throw in some extra ribbon or flowers for added flair.

The possibilities are endless, but whatever you choose should make her feel beautiful and confident – after all, she’ll be walking down the aisle representing you both!

So don’t stress about finding the ‘perfect’ flower girl look – simply enjoy it.

After all, this day is all about celebrating love in its most magical form – something these little ladies will remember forever!