25 Prom Hairstyles That Perfectly Complement a Spaghetti-strap Dress



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Prom night is a special occasion and the perfect opportunity to show off your style. That’s why choosing the right hairstyle to go with your spaghetti-strap dress is important.

With all the prom hairstyle options, it can be difficult to decide what looks best complements your dress and matches your personality. This article will explore some of the best prom hairstyles that work well with spaghetti-strap dresses.

Whether looking for something classic and elegant or modern and daring, you will find a style that suits you!

Half-Up Fishtail Braid

First, let’s talk about the basics of a fishtail braid. It’s a great braid if you’re looking for something more intricate than a regular braid. Next, we’ll dive into the step-by-step guide to creating the half-up fishtail braid. Finally, we’ll wrap up with a few finishing touches to make the style stand out.

Fishtail Braid Basics

Creating a half-up fishtail braid for your spaghetti-strap dress is perfect for showing off your style!

A fishtail braid may seem intimidating, but it’s quite easy once you get the basics down.

To start, you’ll want to section off the top of your hair and tie the rest back.

Then, divide this section into two parts and begin crisscrossing small sections of hair from one side to the other.

Continue doing this until you reach the end of your hair, then secure it with a clear elastic band.

With a little practice, you’ll be creating stunning braids that will have all your friends asking for help styling theirs!

Step-By-Step Guide

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to take your look to the next level!

A great way to achieve a more intricate half-up fishtail braid is by using hair picks. These are especially useful for creating extra texture and adding beachy waves. With some practice, you can use them to create multiple braids and add unique styles.

Plus, they’re easy to use and don’t require a lot of skill. So go ahead and give it a try – you’ll be happy with the results!

Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to add some finishing touches!

Hair extensions are an easy and great way to give your half-up fishtail braid a fuller and more polished look.

If you don’t have any hair extensions, no problem – just grab a few strands of hair from the bottom of your braid and wrap them around the top for extra volume.

And if you’re feeling extra sassy, why not add delicate spaghetti straps over a chic dress?

With these tricks, you’ll be ready to show off your half-up fishtail braid in style!

Soft Curls With A Deep Side Part

Styling tips for this look include using a volumizing mousse and hairspray for added hold and teasing the roots for extra volume. Curling techniques should involve using a medium-sized iron for bigger curls and styling cream for a soft look. To get a deep side part, start at the eyebrow’s arch and pull the comb to the back of the head.

Styling Tips

If you want a timeless look to accompany your strapless dress or spaghetti straps, soft curls with a deep side part are perfect.

To achieve this look, use a curling wand to add gentle waves to your hair and then brush out the curls with a wide-toothed comb for a more natural effect.

To create the side part, use the handle of a comb and draw an imaginary line from the top of one ear to the other.

Then, brush all hair on one side of the part over to that side and secure it with bobby pins if necessary.

Finally, lightly mist your hair with hairspray for extra hold – it’ll surely turn heads!

Curling Techniques

Now that you know how to get the overall look, let’s talk about the curling techniques used for this style.

To create soft side-swept waves, use a curling wand and wrap small sections of hair around it in a spiral motion. Hold each section briefly before releasing so the curl holds its shape.

You can also use a flat iron, but be careful not to overdo it, or your hair may become frizzy!

If you want your curls to be more defined, brush them out with a wide-toothed comb after they’ve cooled down. This will help them stay put and give you the perfect soft curls with deep side parts!

Deep Side Part Placement

Now that you know the techniques to achieve this look, let’s talk about the placement of the deep side part.

This will depend on your face shape and outfit type, such as a spaghetti-strap dress or a top with one shoulder exposed.

A deep side part can be either subtle or dramatic, depending on how far over you style it.

If you want something more subtle, try parting your hair just above your ear and then curling away from it.

For a more dramatic look, part your hair further back and sweep the curls across your forehead for an eye-catching effect!

Sleek And Shiny Ponytail

Let’s talk about styling tips for creating a sleek and shiny ponytail and how to take care of your hair while sporting this look. We’ll cover everything from the best products to the techniques to produce the best results.

Styling Tips

Creating a sleek and shiny ponytail for a spaghetti-strap dress can be a great way to show off your neckline.

Start by brushing through your hair to ensure it’s free of knots and tangles; then, gather all of it into one hand, close to the nape of your neck.

Secure the ponytail with an elastic band and ensure it’s tight by pulling on either side.

To make it shine, use some light-hold hairspray or serum along the ponytail’s length.

Finally, add some accessories like sparkly clips or pins for glamour – you’ll be ready to turn heads!

Hair Care Tips

Now that you’ve got the perfect hairstyle, it’s time to ensure it looks good.

Hair care tips are essential for keeping your ponytail sleek and shiny.

Use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, and avoid using too many heat-styling tools.

Spritz some leave-in conditioner and brush your hair if you need a quick refresher.

With these simple steps, you’ll be ready to show off your ‘do any day of the week.

Undone Updo With A Braided Accent

Creating the Updo: Start by gathering the hair into a low ponytail and securing it with an elastic. Adding a Braided Accent: Take a small section of the ponytail and braid it, then wrap it around the elastic and secure it with bobby pins. Finishing Touches: Use hairspray to hold the style in place, then add a few accent pieces to complete the look.

Creating The Updo

Creating an undone updo with a braided accent for a spaghetti-strap dress is a great way to ensure your hair looks stylish and put together.

Start by gathering the upper portion of your hair in a loose ponytail; use a volumizing spray or mousse to add texture and volume.

Then, create a small braid on one side of your head, securing it at the back with elastic.

Next, wrap the sections of your ponytail around the base of the ponytail, using bobby pins to secure them in place.

Finally, loosen some braid sections and pins slightly to appear softer and more natural.

This will give you an elegant updo that is perfect for any dress!

Adding A Braided Accent

Once you’ve created the basic undone updo, add a braided accent to give it an extra special touch.

This is especially fitting for a spaghetti-strap dress since the braid adds a unique and fun style that complements the dress perfectly.

To do this, start with a small section of your hair near the front of your head and begin braiding it.

Once you reach the end, secure the braid in place with an elastic.

Then, loosen some of the strands so that it looks more natural.

Now you have a beautiful braided style that goes perfectly with any spaghetti-strap dress!

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve finished with the braided accent to your undone updo, it’s time to add some finishing touches.

You can opt for a classic look and leave it as is, or take it up a notch with accessories matching your lace-up dress.

Maybe try a sparkly hair clip or some flowers near the braid? Or even a few decorative pins?

Whatever you choose, make sure it adds to the overall style of your prom hairstyle.

With these touches, you’ll be sure to turn heads!

Messy Bun With Face-Framing Strands

To create the look of a Messy Bun with Face-Framing Strands, starting with the right products and techniques is essential. For styling tips, it’s best to know how to shape the strands and make the bun look effortless.

Creating The Look

Creating the perfect messy bun with face-framing strands is essential to any prom hairstyle for a spaghetti-strap dress.

It’s a classic look that never goes out of style and can be easily tailored to fit any hair type or length, even those with hair loss.

To achieve this look, gather your hair into a high ponytail, then twist it gently until you’ve created a bun shape.

Pull individual strands from the sides and front to frame your face before securing them with bobby pins.

With this simple step, you’ll have achieved a chic and effortless look that will last all night long – no need to worry about it falling out!

Styling Tips

Once you’ve created the perfect messy bun with face-framing strands, it’s time to style it for your prom night.

There are a few basic hairstyles that you can use to make your look extra special, like adding curls or accessorizing with a beautiful headband or clips.

For an added touch of glamour, don’t forget to spritz on some hairspray, and voila – you’ll have the perfect prom hairstyle!

Voluminous Half-Up Knot

To create the half-up knot, you must gather the top section of your hair and tie it into a high ponytail. For styling tips, you might want to add some texture to your hair with some hairspray or mousse.

Creating The Half-Up Knot

Creating the Half-Up Knot for a voluminous style is easier than you think! All you need is a few bobby pins and some hairspray.

Start by gathering the top half of your hair, from just above the ears up, and tying it into a knot at the back. Secure with bobby pins and spritz some hairspray to keep everything in place.

Opt for softer curls or loose waves to complete the look and add even more volume when styling this look for spaghetti-strap dresses.

There’s no better way to show off your beautiful gown and look effortlessly glamorous!

Styling Tips

When it comes to hairstyles, there’s always something new to learn.

So if you’re looking for a voluminous style that will pair perfectly with your spaghetti-strap dress, then the Half-Up Knot is the way to go!

With just a few bobby pins and hairspray, you can quickly create a beautiful look that will turn heads.

And don’t forget to add those soft curls or loose waves for an even more glamorous effect.

With this simple styling tip, you’ll quickly be ready for any event!

Glamorous Curls With Hair Accessories

Glamorizing your shoulder prom look is easy when you choose to go with glamorous curls and hair accessories.

A spaghetti-strap dress and loose curls can create a beautiful, romantic look, perfect for any prom night.

Opt for a few hair accessories, such as a sparkly headband or jewel-encrusted bobby pins, for added glamour.

No matter your choice, these simple additions can elevate your look to make it stand out on the dance floor.

Side-Swept Curls With A Hair Wrap

Try a side-swept style with a hair wrap for a spaghetti-strap dress for a look that oozes elegance.

Start by creating loose curls that flow to one side of your face, then use the hair wrap to secure them.

You can choose a braid style or a more intricate shape for the hair wrap, depending on the look you want.

If you’re looking for an added touch of glamour, adorn the braid or wrap it with sparkling hair accessories.

This style will surely be a showstopper no matter what event you attend!

High Ponytail With Curls

A high ponytail with curls is a great prom hairstyle for those wearing spaghetti-strap dresses. It has a classic yet glamorous look and can add much volume to your hair.

Here are a few tips to help you master this style:

• Start by curling the ends of your hair with a large barrel curling iron

• Gather your curled hair into a high ponytail on the top of your head and secure it with an elastic

• Pull apart the curls slightly to loosen them up and increase their volume

• Add some hairspray to hold everything in place

To complete the look, accessorize with a sparkling headband or delicate clips! With this simple yet stunning hairstyle, you’ll surely turn heads at prom.

High Bun With A Wrapped Ponytail

When wearing a spaghetti-strap dress, a high bun with a wrapped ponytail is a great choice for an elegant and body-conscious look.

This hairstyle can be created by pulling the hair into a high ponytail and securing it with an elastic band.

Then, wrap the length of the ponytail around the base of the ponytail to create a bun shape.

Secure the ends with bobby pins and use hairspray to hold them in place.

This stylish hairstyle will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit while keeping everything secure!

French Braid With A Bun

Moving on from the high bun with a wrapped ponytail, we take it up a notch with the classic French braid and bun.

This hairstyle is perfect for those spaghetti-strap prom dresses that need just a bit of volume and texture to be complete.

To get this look, create a French braid across the top of your head, securing it at the end with an elastic band.

Then, wrap the remaining hair into a bun at the base of your neck and secure it with bobby pins.

This timeless style will be sure to turn heads on your special night!

Low Chignon With A Side Braid

A low chignon with a side braid is the perfect prom hairstyle for those rocking a spaghetti-strap dress. It’s a classic look that will never go out of style, and it sends an empowering body positivity message by showing off your neck and shoulders.

To get this look, gather all your hair at the back of your head, twist it into a bun, and secure it with bobby pins.

Next, take a small section of hair from the right side of your head and create a three-strand braid.

Finally, wrap the braid around the bun’s base to complete the look.

Sleek French Braid With A Bun

Harkening back to a time when chivalry was alive, the sleek French braid with a bun is a timeless prom hairstyle for spaghetti-strap dresses.

This classic style combines the sophistication of an elegant updo with the fun of a youthful braid.

To achieve this look, simply create a French plait down the back of your head, stopping at the nape of your neck.

Secure it with an elastic band and twist it into a sleek bun at the base of your skull.

Finish by accessorizing with sparkling clips or barrettes for added glamour!

Whether heading to prom or wanting to add vintage flair to your look, this chic hairstyle will ensure you turn heads.

Braided Updo With A Fishtail Accent

A braided updo with a fishtail accent is an excellent way to style your hair for prom when wearing a spaghetti-strap dress.

This look has the perfect volume and will give you a unique yet elegant look. Depending on your chosen accessories, it can be dressed up or down, and it’s sure to turn heads at the dance.

To achieve this hairstyle, create a braid that wraps around the head and finishes in the back. Secure the braid with pins and add texture by gently pulling out pieces of hair from the sides.

Then create a fishtail braid on one side and pin it in place for extra detail.

With this beautiful hairstyle, you’ll be ready to stand out at prom!

Low Ponytail With Curls

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will make you look stunning in a spaghetti-strap dress, a low ponytail with curls is an excellent choice.

Creating the perfect look for any occasion, from a bodycon midi party to beautiful outfit goals, this style can be styled to suit any event.

With so many color options and extra volume, it’s easy to make your look stand out.

This hairstyle will turn heads whether you go for subtle elegance or full-on glamour!

Half-Up Braid With Braided Accents

Try a half-up braid with braided accents for a unique yet elegant prom hairstyle that pairs perfectly with a spaghetti-strap dress.

This combination style lets you pull some of your hair back and secure it with a braid while incorporating some beautifully braided accents.

To achieve this look, start by parting your hair in the middle and then creating two sections on either side of the part.

Take one section and create a three-strand braid, securing it with an elastic band at the back of your head.

Then take the remaining section from each side and create two separate small three-strand braids before combining them to make one large braid which can also be secured at the back of your head.

Finally, gently pull some pieces around your face for a softer look.

This half-up braid with braided accents will turn heads and make you feel beautiful on your prom night!

Loose Waves With A Hair Wrap

The perfect companion to a spaghetti-strap dress for prom night is the alluring look of loose waves with a hair wrap. It’s like two pieces of artwork seamlessly combining to create an even more beautiful masterpiece.

To achieve this stunning style, here are some steps to help you get the perfect look:

• Start by brushing through your hair thoroughly

• Create a deep side part and section off your hair

• Curl your hair in loose waves using a 1-inch curling iron

• Wrap a piece of your hair around the crown of your head

• Add hairspray to keep everything in place

This timeless hairstyle will turn heads at prom, giving you the confidence and poise to take on the night. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be ready to walk into prom with gorgeous and effortless locks.

High Bun With A Fishtail Braid

A high bun with a fishtail braid is an ideal prom hairstyle for those wearing spaghetti-strap or strapless dresses. This look will draw attention to the face and neck and provide an elegant, classic look that won’t overpower the dress.

It’s also relatively easy to achieve, with just a few simple steps. With long hair, brush it into a high ponytail and create a fishtail braid. Once the braid is finished, simply coil it around the base of the ponytail to form a bun and secure it with pins or clips.

Finish off the look with hairspray for extra hold!

Voluminous Half-Up Ponytail

A voluminous half-up ponytail is one of the best options when choosing the perfect hairstyle for a spaghetti-strap dress.

It is easy to achieve and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

For example, it can be enhanced with curls for a more sophisticated look or left as is for a casual style.

Additionally, it pairs well with other formal styles, such as an elegant chignon hairstyle.

The combination of both looks provides an eye-catching contrast between the chignon’s sleekness and the half-up ponytail’s volume, making it an ideal choice for any special event.

Half-Up Half-Down Curls

It’s commonly believed that the hairstyle must be sleek and straightforward when wearing a spaghetti-strap dress. But why not have the best of both? Half-up half-down curls are the perfect style for a spaghetti-strap dress – they provide volume and movement without compromising elegance.

With careful styling and the use of products, you can create a beautiful look that will turn heads. Whether you opt for loose beachy waves or tighter ringlets, this style can be tailored to suit any occasion.

Start by curling sections of your hair away from your face with a curling iron, then pinning the top sections back while leaving the rest free and flowing. Top it off with hairspray to keep your look in place all night, and you’ll be ready to hit the dance floor!

Soft Curls With A Low Bun

Soft curls with a low bun are perfect for prom hairstyles when you have a spaghetti-strap dress.

Start by curling your hair with a large-barrel iron to achieve this look, then gather it into a low bun.

Leave some hair pieces out of the bun for added volume.

The combination of soft curls and voluminous hair will create an elegant yet playful look that will turn heads at your prom event.

Side-Swept Waves With A Hair Wrap

When sporting a spaghetti-strap dress, you want to ensure your hairstyle matches the occasion.

For a romantic and modern look, try side-swept waves with a hair wrap for extra volume and a unique touch.

This style is perfect for any special event or night out and will turn heads.

Start by curling your hair with a large barrel iron away from your face to achieve this look.

Once curled, brush it out until you get soft waves, and use bobby pins to pin one side back.

Finally, add the hair wrap of your choice for the finishing touch!

Half-Up Half-Down Bun

The half-up half-down bun is a great hairstyle for those with a spaghetti-strap dress. It can be dressed up or down and is perfect for any occasion.

To achieve this look, the following steps should be taken:

• Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair

• Gather the top portion of your hair into a small ponytail and tie it off with an elastic

• Separate the ponytail into two sections and twist each section separately before wrapping them around each other to form a bun

• Secure with bobby pins, mist with hairspray to keep everything in place, then smooth out any flyaways

Use a serum or glossing product on your finished style for added shine. This stylish hairstyle will easily take you from day to night and pair well with your spaghetti-strap dress.

Low Ponytail With Braided Accents

Have you ever wanted a prom hairstyle that’s both elegant and casual summer-ready?

A low ponytail with braided accents is perfect for spaghetti-strap dresses and adds a unique, sophisticated flair to any look.

This style is easy and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Whether you’re headed to prom or just a casual summer day out, the low ponytail with braided accents is an excellent choice of hairstyle to elevate your outfit.

Plus, it looks great on all hair types!

Boho Braid With A Messy Bun

A boho braid with a messy bun is the perfect hairstyle for prom when wearing a spaghetti-strap dress.

This look is achievable with a few simple steps.

Begin by creating two loose braids on either side of your head and securing them with an elastic band.

Next, twist the remaining hair into a bun and secure it with pins.

The result will be an effortless and chic look that perfectly compliments spaghetti-strap dresses.

With this beautiful hairstyle, you’ll be sure to turn heads at prom!


It’s time to finish your prom look with the perfect hairstyle for your spaghetti-strap dress! Whether you’re looking for something sleek and sophisticated, effortless and undone, or a little boho-chic, there are plenty of options.

These hairstyles will ensure you feel confident and beautiful on the dance floor, from half-up fishtail braids to soft curls with a deep side part or even a low ponytail with braided accents.

The messy bun with face-framing strands is a great choice for those who want to combine an elegant updo with an edgier look. Or, if you prefer something more ethereal and romantic, why not try one of the side-swept waves with a hair wrap? I love this style for its unique blend of modern and classic elements.

No matter which hairstyle you choose, it’s sure to be stunning. With these prom hairstyles for spaghetti-strap dresses, you’ll have all eyes on you as you take your place on the dance floor!

So don’t hesitate – go ahead and make this night extra special!