25 Boho Prom Hairstyles for a Perfect Bohemian Look



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Looking for the perfect hairstyle to rock your prom dress this year? Whether you prefer something classic or boho-inspired, there’s a style out there for everyone.

Boho prom hairstyles are all the rage right now, and they’re a great way to show off your unique sense of style. From braids and buns to headpieces and ponytails, we’ve got the lowdown on how to create the perfect ‘do for your big night!

Half-Up Braided Bun

To create the half-up braid, you’ll need to brush your hair to create a smooth base. Then, separate the top half of your hair and begin cornrowing it back toward the crown of your head. Once you’ve finished the braid, you can start styling the bun. To do this, gather the braid and the remaining hair and twist them into a bun, securing it with a hair tie. Finally, to give your half-up braided bun a more boho-inspired look, add in some accessories like hair pins, ribbons, or flowers.

Creating The Half-Up Braid

To create a half-up braided bun, do a French or fishtail braid on either side of your head. Ensure the braids are tight and secure them with an elastic band at the ends.

Then, gather both braids into one hand and gently twist them around to form a bun shape. Secure the bun with bobby pins, and you’ve got a stylish, boho-inspired prom hairstyle!

Styling The Bun

Once the bun is formed, you can go ahead and style it.

Add a few more bobby pins to keep it in place, and use hair accessories like flowers or clips to add some extra flair.

For a more sophisticated look, you can also try out different bun hairstyles, like a top knot or low bun.

Don’t forget to spritz your hair with hairspray so the hairstyle lasts all night!

With the right hair accessories and styling techniques, you’ll be sure to make an impression at your prom.

Adding Accessories

Now that you’ve got the perfect half-up braided bun, it’s time to add some accessories!

Hair clips and hair vines are great additions to any hairstyle. They come in various colors and designs.

You can also try styles like a boho chic headband or an embellished hair comb for a more glamorous look.

With these accessories, you’ll be sure to turn heads at your prom!

Messy Fishtail Braid

Let’s start by creating the fishtail braid. We’ll need to split the hair into two sections, then take small pieces from each section and twist them into each other. Next, let’s add accessories. We can use some pretty hair pins to hold the braid and a few colorful bows to give it a boho look. Finally, let’s tie off the braid. We’ll need an elastic band at the end to secure the braid in place.

Creating The Fishtail Braid

Creating the fishtail braid may seem daunting, but with a few tips and tricks, you’ll be braiding like a pro in no time!

Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail and securing it with an elastic.

Divide the ponytail into two equal sections, then take a small piece of hair from the outside of one section, cross it over to the other section, and add it to that side.

Now take a small piece from the opposite side and cross it over.

Repeat these steps until you reach the bottom of your hair.

When done properly, this messy fishtail braid will stay put for hours and make any look more glamorous!

Adding Accessories

Once you’ve mastered some basics of creating a messy fishtail braid, why not jazz it up with fun hair accessories?

You can bring your look to life from delicate metal clips to colorful boho hair accessories.

A few strategically placed pins or clips can make all the difference and add glamour.

You can also use decorative elastics to keep your fishtail braid neat and tidy all day!

So get creative and have fun with it – after all, it’s your hair!

Tying Off The Braid

Now that you’ve created your beautiful boho braid, it’s time to tie it off.

To do this, simply take one elastic and slowly pull it through the end of the braid.

If you want more volume, you can gently tug at each section of the braid as you pull the elastic through.

Then, give the braid a final spritz of hairspray to keep it in place all day.

And just like that, your messy fishtail braid is complete!

Bohemian Braid Bun

I love messy braids for boho prom hairstyles. They add a fun, carefree vibe. Loose buns are a great option for the same look but a bit more refined. Half-up styles are great for those who don’t want a full up-do but want something special.

Messy Braids

It’s no secret that messy braids are popular for boho prom hairstyles. Not only do they add texture and dimension to the hair, but they also offer an effortless, carefree vibe – perfect for a night of dancing!

A bohemian braid bun is a perfect way to show off your creative side while keeping your locks out of the way. Secure two simple braids on either side of your head with small elastics to achieve this look.

Then, gather all your hair up into a high bun and wrap the two braids around it before securing them with bobby pins. At last, use hairspray to keep everything in place so you can dance the night away!

Loose Buns

The loose bun is another popular bohemian look for prom night.

To create this style, gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Then, gently pull the ponytail apart until you have a messy bun shape. Finally, take some bobby pins and secure the bun around the base of your head so it won’t move throughout the night.

With this hairstyle, you’ll be sure to turn heads while showing off your creative side!

Half-Up Styles

A half-up braid style is perfect if you’re looking for something more intricate than a bun.

These boho braid updos will give your look an extra edge and make it stand out.

Start with sectioning off the top part of your hair and creating a few small French or Dutch braids along the front and sides of your head.

Finish off by gathering the rest of your hair into a ponytail or messy bun, and you’ll have the perfect boho braid hairstyle for prom night!

Boho Ponytail

Braided: Let’s start with the braided look. It’s a fun, flirty style that can be dressed up or down. 

Curly: A curly ponytail is the way to go if you want something more glamorous. You can make it as intricate or as simple as you’d like. 

Messy: Finally, there’s the messy look. This goes great with a casual, carefree vibe. It’s also easy to pull off!


A braided ponytail is an ideal choice when creating the perfect boho-inspired look for prom. This style has a romantic and whimsical feel that will make you look like the belle of the ball.

To create this look, separate your hair into two sections and make a traditional French braid on one side of your head. Then repeat the same process using a more intricate weave pattern on the other side.

Secure each braid at the end with an elastic band, then gather both braids together as one ponytail at the back and secure them with another elastic band.

For an extra touch of glamour, take a few strands from each braid and wrap them around the base of your ponytail – voila! You’ve got yourself a beautiful and unique boho-style hairstyle for prom!


If you want to add some extra pizzazz to your boho ponytail for prom, why not try incorporating some curls?

Curly hair has a charm that will help take your look from sweet and simple to wow-worthy in no time.

You only need a curling wand, iron, and hairspray to get that perfect bouncy curl.

Start by taking sections of your hair and slowly wrapping them around the wand or iron until you’ve achieved the desired look.

Once it’s finished, spritz with hairspray to keep those curls in place all night – you’ll be turning heads!


If you’re looking for a more relaxed, bohemian-inspired look for prom, why not try a messy boho ponytail? With the help of some braid cuffs and other boho hairstyles, you can easily create a disheveled appearance that still looks chic.

To achieve this style, simply pull your hair into a low ponytail, tie it off at the nape of your neck with elastic, and start teasing sections of the ponytail with your fingers or a comb. You can add some texture by wrapping sections around braid cuffs or styling them to give it that effortless yet stylish look.

This will surely be an eye-catching look, with everyone admiring your unique style!

Braided Headband

Let’s talk about creating a braided headband and the styling tips for it. We’ll explore the best ways to make a beautiful, boho-inspired prom hairstyle.

Creating A Braided Headband

Creating a braided headband is one of the most popular boho prom hairstyles. It’s easy to look at and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

To create this style, you’ll need to start with a few sections of hair around the front of your head. Separate each section into three small strands and begin braiding all three together as you move down the length of the hair.

Once you’ve finished your braid, wrap it around the back and secure it with bobby pins.

With this versatile hairstyle, you can choose from various braid styles that suit your face shape and go with any outfit. From French braids, Dutch braids, fishtail braids, and more – get creative and have fun with your hairstyle for an unforgettable prom night!

Styling Tips For Braided Headbands

Once you’ve created your braided headband, it’s time to style it!

You can leave your braid or add a few extra touches for a more glamorous look.

Try adding small clips or pins throughout the length of the braid for an eye-catching effect. You could also use hairspray to give your headband extra hold and keep it looking sleek all night.

Never forget to take care of your hair by using moisturizing products that will help to keep your braids healthy and shiny.

With these simple styling tips, you can ensure your prom hairstyle looks perfect from start to finish!

Loose Dutch Braid

To create the Dutch braid, start by dividing your hair into three sections and crossing the right section over the middle, then the left over the middle. Afterward, you can add accessories like a headband or ribbon for a boho look. Finally, you can change your style by creating a braided bun or adding a few curls to the ends.

Creating The Dutch Braid

Ready to look stunning at prom? If so, getting a loose Dutch braid is the way to go!

Creating this beautiful ‘do is easy; you only need to practice the braid technique. You’ll start by creating several small sections of your hair and using a three-strand technique to create each braid.

Start by the crown of your head and work your way down until you reach the nape of your neck. Finish off with some hairspray, and you’ll be good to go!

Try out this chic hairstyle today for prom or any other event!

Adding Accessories

Once your lovely loose Dutch braid is ready, why not accessorize it with a few finishing touches?

A few baby hairs around the face can help soften the look and add extra texture.

Add a few strategically placed hair combs to bring extra attention to your hairstyle.

With some careful styling, you’ll be sure to make a statement wherever you go!

So experiment with different accessories for an even more eye-catching look.

Styling Variations

If you want something more playful, try styling your loose Dutch braid with some curls for added volume.

You can easily create this bohemian vibe with curling tongs and hair spray.

This look works especially well with longer hair, as the curls will reveal the braid’s details.

No matter your length or texture, switching up your style and getting creative is easy!

Waterfall Braid

The Waterfall Braid is a classic boho hairstyle that exudes bohemian vibes. It is one of the most popular braid types used in bohemian hairstyles and can be dressed up for prom or worn casually for everyday looks.

This braided style features several strands of hair intertwined and gently cascading down the back of the head, creating an elegant waterfall effect. To achieve this look, divide your hair into 3 sections and begin braiding as usual while incorporating pieces from each section as you go.

With its effortless charm, the Waterfall Braid will have you looking like a true bohemian goddess on your special night!

Loose Curls With A Headband

The waterfall braid is a classic look for prom, but if you want to stand out, pair loose curls with a headband.

This boho-inspired hairstyle adds texture and glamour to any formal look. It’s easy to do at home and can be adjusted to fit your preference for tight or loose curls.

Plus, the headband adds an extra touch of elegance that will make you feel like a princess on your special night.

With this style, you’ll be sure to turn heads as soon as you enter the room.

Twisted Low Bun

A twisted low bun is great for showing off that special dress for your boho prom night.

This style is very easy to achieve, and you can find tutorials online if you need help.

To start, create a high ponytail and twist small braid sections of hair until it forms a bun.

Secure the bun with a few bobby pins and set it with hairspray for extra hold.

With this look, your hair will be out of your face, so you can enjoy the night without distractions.

Half-Up Half-Down Braids

Half-up half-down braids are a classic boho prom hairstyle. They add a romantic touch while giving the hair some volume and texture.

To get this look, start by sectioning off the top half of your hair and lightly curling it using a wand or curling iron. Then, create two loose braids you can pull back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. You can also use bobby pins to secure the braids if needed.

This style is perfect for any type of dress and will make you look beautiful on your special night:

• It adds texture and volume

• Curl the top half of your hair with a wand or curling iron

• Create two loose braids that you can pull back into a low ponytail

• It’s flattering for any type of dress

• Secure the braids with bobby pins if needed

• Pull the braids back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck

This simple yet elegant hairstyle will have you looking stunning on your prom night!

Loose Half-Up Braid

The loose Half-Up Braid is one of the top braided styles for boho prom hairstyles.

This look features a boho crown made from double braids on each side, with the remaining hair loose.

The double braids are twisted and secured in a ponytail for a romantic finishing touch.

The half-up style and loose hair make this look perfect for any special occasion, giving an effortlessly chic vibe that will turn heads!

You can also add accessories or embellishments for an even more eye-catching effect.

Bohemian Half-Up Bun

The bohemian half-up bun is the perfect look for any boho girl.

To create this boho-inspired look, securely put your hair in a half-up ponytail with a tie.

Take small sections from the sides of your head, twist them, and wrap them around the base of the ponytail to create a bun.

Secure the ends of these twists with bobby pins or jeweled clips.

Finish off your look with a braided crown that wraps around the back of your head and ties into the bun you created at the top.

With this hairstyle, you’ll be ready to show off your inner boho queen!

Braided Low Bun

A low-braided bun is a great choice for boho prom night.

Pull your hair back using a ponytail, then create a loose braid and wrap it around the base of the ponytail.

Secure the braid with bobby pins and tuck in any remaining strands of hair at the nape of your neck.

Finally, accessorize with some fresh flowers to complete the look.

This hairstyle is easy but looks beautiful and romantic for a special night out.

Crown Braid

Crown braids are a popular boho-inspired hairstyle that can be designed in many ways. Take, for example, the beautiful look Hairstylist Lissette of New York City created for her client. This edgy and elegant look was perfect for a prom or special occasion with a fishtail braid that wraps around the head and attaches to create a crown.

To achieve this type of boho-prom hairstyle, here are five key elements:

• Start by sectioning off the hair into two parts.

• Create a fishtail braid on each side and secure it with an elastic band.

• Gently tug on the sides of the braid to make it wider.

• Wrap one side of the braid around your head, tucking it under the other side of the braid.

• Secure with pins and finish with hairspray or wax to keep everything in place.

So whether you’re looking for something subtle or dramatic, a crown braid is an easy way to incorporate bohemian hair elements into any look.

Messy Braid Bun

After the elegant crown braid, a messy braid bun can be a great way to continue the bohemian look.

To start, create some soft waves with your hair and then begin braiding diagonally, keeping the braid loose.

Once you reach the nape of your neck, tie off the ends of the braid with an elastic band.

Take sections of hair from each side of your head and pull them up towards the back, twisting them into a bun shape at the base of your head.

Secure it with pins or clips and loosen strands around your face for a more romantic feel.

With this easy style, you have created a beautiful bohemian-inspired look perfect for prom night!

Messy Braided Updo

A boho prom hairstyle is a great way to make a statement on your special night.

According to recent surveys, more than 70 percent of women opt for boho-inspired styles, with straight hair being the most popular choice.

To achieve this look, you can use curling irons and lots of strand braids.

Consider creating a chunky or separate three-strand braid if you want something extra-special.

With these styles, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd and have an unforgettable evening!

Low Pony With Braided Accents

Moving on from the messy braided updo, a low pony with braided accents is an elegant and intricate style that will turn heads.

To create this look, start by sectioning off your hair into two parts: a top and bottom layer.

Secure the top layer with a ponytail holder and braid the bottom layer into a traditional braid.

Wrap the braid around the base of your ponytail and secure it with hairspray or pins.

Then, add some voluminous curls to the ends of your ponytail for extra glamour.

With this unique take on classic braided ponytails, you’ll be sure to impress everyone at prom!

Twisted Side Ponytail

A twisted side ponytail is the perfect choice for a boho-inspired prom look.

This hairstyle is easy to create with any hair length but looks especially stunning with long blonde locks.

To create this style, gather the hair at one side of your head and use a hair tie to secure it.

From there, you could take your look to the next level with braided updos or leave it as is for an effortless yet chic finish.

With the right accessories, this look can easily take you from day to night – perfect for prom!

Half-Up Half-Down Twist

The half-up half-down twist is a great boho prom hairstyle choice. It’s perfect for achieving vintage vibes with soft curls and loose twists.

All you need to do is take sections of your hair and separate them into two pieces. Next, twist the pieces on either side of your head and secure them with pins or clips. Finally, pull out some pieces to frame your face and add volume to the top part of your style to complete the look.

This hairstyle will have you ready for the perfect boho prom night!

Half-Up Braided Crown

If you’re looking for a unique way to style your hair for prom, look no further than the half-up braided crown.

This beautiful style has been gaining popularity and is a great way to show off your braid styles.

The faux hawk effect of this style helps you achieve an edgy yet elegant look that will make heads turn.

Whether you opt for a beautiful butterfly braid, fishtail braid, or bohemian gypsy braid, the result will be stunning.

So don’t hesitate – try out this half-up braided crown and be ready to wow on your special night!

Boho Updo With Scarf

Why not try an updo with a scarf for a boho prom look?

Start by creating beachy waves in your hair and leaving it loose.

Then, tie a scarf around the back of your head or even have it draped down for an extra bohemian touch.

Add a flower crown for an effortless, relaxed style to make you look like the ultimate bohemian hair girl at prom!

Fishtail Half-Up Half-Down

Continuing with the boho-inspired theme, why not try a fishtail half-up half-down hairstyle?

It’s a great way to combine two popular trends – the half-up style and the fishtail braid.

You can add some celestial hair pins or picks to make it extra special for a unique look.

This style is also great for brown and blonde hair, as the colors blend nicely.

With this look, you’ll be sure to turn heads at your prom and make an unforgettable statement!

Textured Curls Updo

This look is perfect for boho proms.

You’ll need to start with a few tools to achieve the textured curls updo.

A good curling iron, a light texturizing spray, and hair extensions (if you have shorter hair) are essential.

Depending on your hair type, you can make loose waves or tighter curls with the iron.

Once you’ve achieved the desired wave, use the texturizing spray to add texture and volume.

Finally, add some extensions to give extra length and body to your style if needed.

With these elements combined, you’ll be ready for your big night!

Twisted French Braid

A twisted French braid is a beautiful and unique way to style your hair for prom. It’s a great look if you’re looking for something more than just a regular braid.

Start by parting your hair down the middle, then begin braiding from the top of your head. Secure it with a small elastic band, then twist it around itself in the shape of an infinity symbol.

Add a pretty hair accessory or incorporate the boob braid technique to add texture and dimension to your look. For added glamour, curl the ends of your hair after you’ve finished braiding.

With this stunning hairstyle, you’ll be ready to turn heads at prom!

Braided Updo With Headband

Bringing a new twist to the classic French braid, this braided updo with headband look is perfect for making a statement at your next prom. It’s a style that takes one of the most popular prom hairstyles and adds an accessory to take it to the next level. Symbolically, it speaks to taking something already special and adding a touch of glamour to make it even more eye-catching.

To create this gorgeous look, here are some tips:

• Start by sectioning off hair into two parts – one from ear-to-ear across the back of your head and one from the nape of your neck up.

• Gather hair into a high ponytail or bun and secure it with an elastic band.

• Wrap the headband around the base of the ponytail or bun and start creating your braid.

• Secure with an elastic band once you’ve reached the end, leaving some loose strands for added texture and volume.

Add hair accessories like pins or clips for extra sparkle and glamour to finish your look!

From loose to half-up styles, this braided updo with headband will ensure you stand out on prom night.


To conclude, these boho prom hairstyles are the perfect way to express your unique style.

My favorites are the Half-Up Braided Bun and the Messy Fishtail Braid. The Half-Up Braided Bun is a classic look that’s been given a modern twist with intricate braids.

The messy fishtail braid is a beautiful, effortless style that will turn heads at any prom. I can just imagine it reflecting the light as you dance around, with the ends of the braid gently swaying in time to the music.

The Bohemian Braid Bun is a great way to keep hair out of your face while still looking stylish and playful. And for those who want something more daring, there’s always the Boho Ponytail or the Twisted French Braid.

Both styles bring an edgy flair to any prom look that will make you stand out. No matter which style you choose, these boho prom hairstyles will turn heads and give you that extra confidence boost you need on such an important night.

So go ahead and let your hair down – and have fun!