25 Stunning Hairstyles for Curly Hair



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Updos and hairstyles for curly hair can be tricky to get just right. They require special attention from experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges of styling textured hair.

Fortunately, various techniques make it easy to create beautiful updos and styles without compromising curls’ natural bounce.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use these methods so you can create gorgeous looks every time you style your locks!

Braided Bun

Creating a braided bun is the perfect way to keep your curly hair looking neat and stylish. Whether you’re heading off to work or planning a night out, this look can be easily achieved with minimal effort.

Start by creating a French braid down the back of your head using sections of curls from either side of the part. Secure the ends with small hair elastics or an elastic headband for extra hold.

Once finished, twist it into a bun shape at the nape of your neck and secure it with pins. Pull apart certain sections of the braid before securing it in place for added texture and volume.

This will give your updo more body and ensure it lasts all day! With that, you have just completed one beautiful braided bun – enjoy!

Golden Cuffs

Golden cuffs are a great way to add an elegant touch to any updo.

According to recent statistics, around 70% of women who wear hair accessories with their curls find that adding golden cuffs can make them look even more beautiful.

These stylish additions provide the perfect accent for your updos, giving them a unique and luxurious flair to make you stand out.

With golden cuffs, you can easily create intricate styles like chignons or half-updos without worrying about using too many pins and bobby pins.

They also keep flyaways at bay while helping secure loose locks.

Furthermore, they’re versatile enough to go with almost all types of curls—from tight loops to wavy tresses—and give off a charmingly feminine vibe when combined with other hair accessories, such as flowers or headbands.

All these benefits make golden cuffs invaluable in achieving stunning curly updos!

Messy Cascade

Transitioning from the Golden Cuffs to a Messy Cascade is easy!

This messy updo works especially well for textured hair and loose curls. Working with your natural curl pattern, you’ll be able to create an effortless look that all curly girls will love.

Start by gathering some of the top layers of your hair in a ponytail near the crown of your head. Leave some pieces around the face to frame it nicely and give this style more texture. Then take each section one at a time, twirling it into small spirals before pinning them back against the scalp, creating volume throughout the hairstyle.

Once complete, spray on some hairspray or sea salt spray to tame any flyaways and enhance your natural waves.

With just a few steps, you can easily achieve this beautiful look!

Big Bangs

They say that big is beautiful, and that’s true when styling curly hair! Big bangs are a great way to boost your curls’ extra volume.

Whether you have tight ringlets or wavy, beachy tresses, the right style can help frame your face and make your hairstyle pop.

Opt for soft layers with subtle movement when creating big bangs on curly hair. This will create definition while still keeping the look natural-looking and manageable.

You want to avoid cutting too much weight from the top to not flatten out those gorgeous curls below. If you’re looking for something more daring, consider adding some deep side partings or sweeping back sections into a loose updo – this will add instant drama without compromising your beloved locks!

Whatever route you take, working with a professional stylist who specializes in curly hairstyles will ensure maximum results and satisfaction with your new look.

Knot Curly Updo

When styling updos for curly hair, it is important to understand the natural curl of each individual’s hair type. Depending on the desired style, twists and loose strands can create various looks with minimal effort. With an understanding of how to work with curls rather than against them, you will be able to achieve beautiful updos that are sure to stand out!

For those with naturally defined curls, it’s best to avoid brushing or over-combing when creating an updo, as this will disrupt their pattern. Instead, use products like mousses that offer enough hold without weighing down your coils.

Start by gathering small sections at the crown and then twist them around until you have created a bun shape before securing them with bobby pins or clips.

To finish your look, add more definition by spraying any stray ends loosely with hairspray before setting them into place.

High Bun With Sidelights

The high bun with sidelights hairstyle is great for showing off your beautiful curls. It’s perfect for any special occasion, whether a wedding or an important work event.

To create this look, use a hair dryer to dry and shape your curls in the desired direction. You can then use bobby pins to secure them into place. Once you have achieved the basic updo hairstyle, add some headbands around the bun’s base to give it a bit of flair and glamour.

To make sure your curls stay in place all day, spray them lightly with hairspray before styling. This will help keep them from getting frizzy throughout the day.

When it comes time to take out your hairstyle at night, gently remove each pin and comb through the curls with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb until they are smooth again.

With these few simple steps, you can easily achieve this stunning updo hairstyle:

1. Use a hairdryer to dry and shape your curls

2. Secure them into place with bobby pins

3. Add headbands around the base of the bun

4. Spray lightly with hairspray before styling

5. Gently twist and wrap the curls around the bun and secure them with bobby pins.

Sleek Bun With Next-Level Edges

The sleek bun updo is a timeless classic that can take your curly tresses to the next level. With just a few simple steps and products, you can transform your hair into an elegant style that will turn heads.

To achieve this look:

  1. Apply some hair gel onto damp or dry hair and pull it back into a low ponytail.
  2. Secure with a strong elastic tie.
  3. Once secured in place, wrap the ends of the hair around the base of the ponytail until it forms a tight bun shape.
  4. Use bobby pins to secure loose strands underneath the bun for extra hold.

To finish this stunning look, create edges using a fine-toothed comb along your forehead. This defines your hairstyle and adds depth for a more eye-catching appeal!

With these easy techniques, please rock out this sophisticated updo anytime!

Twisted And Topped

Twisted updos are a great way to show off your curly hair.

From loose twists to messy top knots, there’s something for everyone.

To create a twisted updo that will last all day, tie your curls into two sections and secure each with an elastic band.

Take one of the sections and twist it around itself until you reach the end of the section.

Secure this tightly in place with a clip or some hairpins.

Repeat this step for the other section as well.

Now comes the fun part!

You can choose how tight or lose you want your twisted updo to be – depending on what look you’re going for!

For a more casual style, leave some wisps out at either side, or if you’re looking for something polished, pull it back up tight against your head.

Finally, add any extra accessories, such as ribbons or clips, to finish the look!

Sock Bun

Transitioning from the twisted and topped look, a sock bun is another great option for updating your updo while keeping curls intact.

This style is easy to achieve with just a few basic supplies: an elastic headband, a sock (or two!), and some pins or clips.

For this look, you’ll need to gather all your hair into the headband. Ensure it’s tight enough to keep everything in place without pulling on your scalp too much.

Once secure, twist the ends around each other until they intertwine, creating a neat coil at the base of your neck.

Now grab one of the socks and roll it up tightly to make a donut shape before wrapping it over top of the bun.

Secure any stray strands with bobby pins or clips, and you’re ready to go!

With this hairstyle, you can show off your beautiful locks with an elegant updo highlighting your natural hair texture.

Cornrow Bantu Knots

Cornrow Bantu Knots are a beautiful and stylish way to keep your curly hair neat.

Take, for example, the case of Jenna, a young woman with thick curls who decided to try this style for her upcoming event.

After having cornrows put in by an experienced hairstylist, she then had bantu knots added on top of them.

The result was a sleek and elegant look that held all day long despite the humidity outside!

The great thing about cornrow Bantu Knots is that they can be customized according to individual preference.

You can use different colored extensions or headbands to create a unique design or add braids into the mix if you want some extra texture.

No matter what type of look you’re going for, these styles will help bring out the best in your natural curls while protecting them from damage due to styling products or harsh weather conditions.

With regular maintenance, you’ll have a stunningly gorgeous updo that lasts for any special occasion or big night out!

Big Braid Bun

A Big Braid Bun is great for showing off your curly hair and creating an elegant updo. This style can be achieved with the help of just one headband and some bobby pins!

Here are three reasons why this braided updo should be added to your go-to hairstyles:

• It’s versatile – With the right styling products, you can turn this bun into a sleek look for work or spice it up for special occasions.

• It’s easy to do – All you need is a headband, comb, bobby pins, hairspray, and mousse – no more than five minutes of your time, and you’ll have a chic updo that will stay put all day long.

•            It flatters every face shape – The Big Braid Bun looks good on everyone regardless of shape.

This braided updo adds texture, volume, and elegance to any outfit, so try it today!

Three Twisted Buns

It’s often believed that curls and updos don’t mix, but this isn’t necessarily true. You can create unique and stylish buns using your natural curls with the right tools and techniques.

Three twisted buns are a great way to show off your curly hair while keeping it out of your face. Start by gathering the curls together in one place with an elastic headband or two.

Once you have everything tucked away neatly, take sections of hair at each side and twist them around each other until they make a braid. Secure the ends of the braids with another elastic band, then wrap them both into loose buns on either side of your head.

Finish with additional products like hairspray or serum for extra hold and shine. This hairstyle works best when used on day-old washed curls since freshly washed locks are usually too soft to form into neat shapes like these twisted buns.

If needed, use curl cream or other styling products to help give shape and definition to rebellious strands before beginning the style process again. You’ll be left with three polished knots that securely keep your hair up without sacrificing glamour!

Pineapple Updo

Creating a pineapple updo is an ideal hairstyle for when you have naturally curly hair. This look is great if you want to pull your hair off your face and show off the natural texture of your locks!

Start by brushing through your curls and creating a French twist at the back of the head. Secure it with bobby pins, being sure not to make it too tight, or else it will cause breakage in your delicate strands.

You can then continue to create a loose braid from the nape of your neck up and over the French twist. Once complete, wrap this around itself into a bun shape and secure it with more bobby pins.

Finally, using some hairspray for extra hold, spray all over until the desired effect has been reached; now you are ready to go out feeling fabulous wearing your perfect pineapple updo!

Sockbun Twist

Many people think that a twist or headband is too complicated when it comes to updos and curly hair. But with the right tools, creating an eye-catching sock bun twist can be surprisingly easy!

Some tips and tricks for crafting this stunning style:

• Ponytail prep: Start by brushing your curls into a sleek ponytail at the back of your neck. Make sure you secure tightly so that all of your curls fit in comfortably.

•            Tools: Use elastics and bobby pins to keep everything in place. You’ll also need two small elastic bands and hairspray if desired.

•            Hair accessories: If you want to add an extra flair to your look, include decorative clips or barrettes along the sides of your ponytail.

Once you have these items ready, it’s time to start twisting! Gently wrap sections of hair around the base of the ponytail until you reach the end, then tuck any loose ends underneath before securing it with another elastic band.

Make sure not to pull too hard on each curl – let them fall naturally around the face instead for maximum impact. Finish off with a light misting of hairspray and voilà – you’ve got yourself one gorgeous sock bun twist that will last through even the busiest days!

Messy Pony Bun

Transitioning from a sock bun twist to a messy pony bun is easy with wavy hair.

All you need is to gather your curls into a tight ponytail and give your locks some texture! Depending on the curl type, start using products such as mousse or gel spray to ensure the curls hold in place while playing around with them. Use an anti-humidity hairspray for an extra definition for tighter curls before creating a soft pouf at the back of your head.

Once this step is done, take one section of your ponytail and wrap it around itself until you get that desired messy look. You can even accessorize with bobby pins if necessary.

The result: A unique style perfect for those days when you want something more than just regular old tight ponytails! Enjoy all the compliments coming your way with this effortless but gorgeous messy ponytail hairstyle.


Creating an elegant updo with curly locks can be challenging, but the right techniques and products will help you achieve beautiful results. Multi-twists are one of these techniques that can transform your tresses into a gorgeous halo twist or single flower creation.

Here’s how to get started:

• Start by creating two sections on either side of your head from ear to ear.

• Divide each section horizontally into two parts – top and bottom.

• Take small strands of hair from the outside edge of the lower part of the hair section, add styling product for hold and texture, then start twisting them away from your face in clockwise motions until tight twists form.

• Secure with bobby pins at the base near the scalp. Repeat this step on the other side and work toward the crown area in half-inch increments.

• When complete, spray lightly with hairspray for extra hold and shape as desired using fingers or comb to smooth out any bumps if needed.

The result? A stunning look featuring intricate multi-twists that showcase your beautiful locks in style!

Curly Bun With Faux Bangs

A curly bun with faux bangs is a beautiful hairstyle for those with curls. This updo provides an elegant look for special occasions or everyday wear. It’s important to note that the key to this style is properly managing your curls so they don’t become frizzy during styling.

To start, wash and condition your hair as normal. Then use mousse or gel to define and hold the curls in place while drying them with a diffuser attachment on a hairdryer.

Once your hair has dried, gather it into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck using an elastic band for curly hair. If desired, you can part your natural fringe out of the back section by taking small sections from either side and securing them on top of the head with bobby pins.

Now wrap the rest of the ponytail around itself in a clockwise direction until you have reached the base of the ponytail once again. Secure it with another elastic band, and tuck any loose pieces underneath so everything looks neat and tidy!

With these tips, you can create gorgeous updos with faux bangs every time!

Curly Chignon

The Curly Chignon is a perfect option for those who want to achieve an elegant and romantic updo with their curly hair. It’s trending among celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, making this style even more desirable! With over 1 million views per week on Instagram alone, it’s no wonder so many people are opting for this intricate updo that features loose curls falling down around your face in a feminine way.

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own Curly Chignon at home:

• Flexible hairspray

• Bobby pins

• Hair elastic band

To secure those beautiful curly strands into place, spray flexible hairspray throughout your entire head. Then use bobby pins and an elastic band to create two braids along the sides of your head.

Twist them together until they form one large Chignon at the back of your head. Finally, remove wisps of hair from each side and curl them outward towards your ears for added flair.

And voila – you now have a stunning updo that will turn heads everywhere you go!

Low Bun With Tendrils

Creating an elegant low bun with tendrils is a great way to show off your curly hair!

Start by applying hairspray throughout the entire head for added hold and definition.

Then, gather all your curls into a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure it with an elastic band.

Twist the length of the ponytail around itself until you form a looped bun shape, securing any stray strands with bobby pins as needed.

Wrap a decorative headband around the bun’s base to add that extra glamour.

Finally, lightly pull some strands around the face to frame it softly – these are your ‘tendrils’!

For extra shine and hold, mist over them lightly with hairspray before letting them hang in the place freely.

With this look, you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Scarf It Up

Updos are a great way to add some pizzazz to your curly locks! Whether you’re going for an elegant evening look or a casual day style, there’s something here that everyone can enjoy.

Let’s start with the classic bandana-tie it up around your head and let those curls go wild underneath.

Or, if you’re seeking something more formal, try incorporating one of these four amazing looks into your next ‘do:

1. A sleek braided hairstyle with a beautiful floral headband to top it off.

2. An intricate fishtail braid tucked neatly behind the ear paired with an edgy leather headband.

3. A stunning half-up/half-down look featuring voluminous curls and a sparkly hair clip.

4. Soft romantic waves adorned with an embellished headband fit for any special occasion – like a wedding!

No matter what kind of updo you choose, don’t forget to accessorize accordingly – statement jewelry, pretty scarves, and shimmery clips will take you ‘do from drab to fab in no time!

So why not give yourself permission to have fun and experiment? With so many options available, you’ll surely find the perfect updo for every occasion!

Low Updo With French Braid

Creating a low updo with a French braid is the perfect way to show off your curly hair elegantly.

To begin, you’ll need to start by sectioning off the top part of your hair and creating a French braid starting at the crown of your head.

The key here is to ensure that each piece of hair is securely woven into the next before moving on to the next strand.

Once done, secure the end of the braid with an elastic band and gently tug on it for added texture and volume.

The rest of your curls can be left free-flowing or pinned behind your ears for a soft touch.

You can also create additional braids along either side of your head, which looks great when paired with a messy bun or Chignon at the nape of your neck.

Ultimately, this look offers endless possibilities for hairstyles and updos – so get creative!

Faux Hawk

Transitioning from the low updo with a French braid, let’s move on to a hairstyle for those looking for something more edgy and modern: the faux hawk.

This style is perfect for anyone who loves their beautiful curls but wants to mix things up a bit! It’s also great if you have bedhead or baby hairs that you don’t know what to do with.

To start off this look, make sure your hair is nice and clean—the bouncier the curls, the better!

Part your hair down the middle and use some gel or mousse to define each side of your part in an upward direction.

Smooth out any flyaways and secure both sides together at the top of your head using several bobby pins.

Give it some volume by teasing the crown before spray-setting everything into place with a light finishing spray.

With this style, you can show off your beautiful curls while having a unique edge.

Braid And Tendrils

Braids and tendrils are a great way to add definition, texture, and style to curly hair. Depending on the occasion, they can be used in updos and loose hairstyles.

Braiding is especially beneficial for girls with curls as it helps provide them with a protective style while still allowing their natural beauty to shine through. When braiding curly hair, it’s important to take your time so you don’t create unwanted knots or tangles. Start at the root of each curl and work your way down until all the strands have been incorporated into the braid.

Additionally, pulling too tight can cause breakage and damage – always ensure the braid isn’t too tight before securing it with an elastic band. For added dimension, try adding some small sections of loose curls around your face which will frame it nicely!

Tendrils are perfect for those wanting to add volume or make their hair look fuller without using extra products.

Twisty High Bun

A twisty high bun is perfect for showing off your fabulous curls and wonderful waves. This simple hairstyle is a great look for any occasion, whether attending a formal event or just wanting an easy updo for day-to-day activities.

To achieve this style, gather the following:

  1. Startrly hair into a high ponytail at the back of your head. Then, take a small sec.
  2. Take the tail and wrap them around the base of the ponytail in a circular motion until you reach the top. Secure with bobby pins as needed, then finish with hairspray to hold everything in place.
  3. This hairstyle looks

Lovely on anyone with curly hair, no matter their face shape! It’s also very versatile – you can leave out some tendrils framing your face if desired or add extra volume at the crown to create an even more dramatic effect.

Whatever variation you choose, it’s sure to make heads turn wherever you go.

Braided Pineapple

Braided Pineapple is an attractive hairstyle that looks great on curly hair. It’s a modern take on a classic look, and the combination of braids and curls creates beautiful texture throughout the style.

To achieve this look, use two French braids to create a pineapple shape around your head – starting at the front, with one braid going up over each ear towards the back of your head, where they meet together in the middle. Secure them with small clear elastics or decorative ones for extra flair!

Once you have your base set, it’s time to work on getting those perfect locks of curls! Start by using volumizing products such as mousses or creams before blow drying upside down (which will help maximize the body).

Then grab some styling cream or curl-defining products to enhance and define individual curls. Finally, spray hairspray all over to lock everything in place.

This updo is now complete – ready to show off to the world! With its intricate details and delicate textures, it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion but always looks stunningly elegant no matter what.


Updos and hairstyles for curly hair are a great way to show off your curls while keeping them tame. With these 10 styles, you can create the perfect look, no matter your curl pattern! From big bangs, braided buns, and faux hawks to golden cuffs, messy cascades, and twisty high buns – there’s something here for everyone who wants to rock their natural curls.

Now I know it’s tempting to try new things when styling our hair, but I urge all my clients to be cautious, as playing around with chemicals or heat-styling tools can damage your hair if not done properly. So take some time and research before taking any drastic steps to achieve the best results without compromising the health of your tresses.

At the end of the day, embracing and loving your naturally curly locks is key! With so many amazing options available now, why not try one (or more) of these updos and hairstyles for curly hair?

You won’t regret it – embrace those beautiful curls!