A Beginner’s Guide to Lip Gloss and Lipstick Application



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Applying lip gloss and lipstick can seem daunting, but one can do it with the right tools and some practice. “Practice makes perfect,” – so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it perfectly on your first try!

You can create a wonderful look that is perfect for any occasion with some simple steps. Here, we will walk through the basics of applying lip gloss and lipstick.

Prepare Lips

Before adding color to your pout, prepare your lips for the ultimate glam look! Start by exfoliating the lip area with a gentle scrub or toothbrush. This removes any dead skin cells and preps them for product application.

Then, moisturize your lips with a hyaluronic acid-based lip product that contains shea butter to give them extra hydration. Finally, line and fill in your lips using a lip liner to help shape the perfect pout before applying lipstick or gloss.

When working with a lip applicator, ensure it’s clean and sanitized so bacteria won’t be transferred onto the lips when used.

These simple steps allow you to quickly prep your lips for an eye-catching makeup look! Now that you’ve prepped your lips for color perfection, it’s time to choose the right shade…

Choose Shade

Once you’ve decided on a hue that suits your complexion, you can prepare to show off your fabulous new look!

When choosing the right shade of lip gloss or lipstick, many options exist. When selecting a lip product, the first thing to consider is whether you want a glossy or matte finish. If you prefer a shiny look, go for glosses, which come in various colors and finishes, including sheer and opaque. On the other hand, if you love the matte finish, choose from a range of vibrant lipsticks.

Next, choose colors that will complement your skin tone and enhance your natural beauty. Consider choosing complementary shades, such as two shades that will blend together seamlessly if one side of your lips is lighter than the other. With multiple options available, it’s easy to find the perfect lip product that will help you achieve the look you want.

And now that you’ve found the perfect shade – it’s time to line those lips!

Line Lips

Get ready to flaunt your flawless pout with a lip-lining that’ll make ’em swoon!

It’s important to line your lips before you apply lipstick or lip gloss. Start by using a liner that matches the color of your chosen lip product. This helps prevent color from bleeding and will give you a more even application when applying your finished look.

To ensure the liner goes on smoothly, try adding some jojoba oil to the tip of the pencil before applying it. This won’t leave them feeling dry or cracked and will help them glide over your lips for a precise line.

When you’re done lining, fill in gaps between the edge of your natural lip line and the liner for an even finish before applying lipstick or lip gloss.

Apply Color

Now that you’ve perfected your lipline, it’s time to add some color! Give your pout a splash of personality by opting for whichever hue suits your mood – whether it’s a classic red or a trendy neon – and get ready to slay!

When choosing the right formula, consider how much time you’ll be wearing the lipstick. If you want to keep it in a place all day, opt for a matte option with good staying power. If you’re looking for something more sheer and light, consider a wash of color or balmy texture.

Apply enough so your lips are saturated in your favorite shade without caking on too much. Once the color is applied evenly and blended nicely, move on to the next step – adding gloss!

Add Gloss

Ready to give your pout a bit of extra shine? Adding gloss is perfect for completing your look and ensuring you turn heads!

Start by selecting a lip gloss or lipstick that matches your already applied color. If you want a high-shine finish, opt for lip gloss, which adds hydration from its unique formula. For added sheen, try layering with lipstick on top of the colored base.

Apply it directly onto the lips using short strokes from the center outwards until desired intensity is achieved. Finish off by pressing lips together to spread the product evenly and let it settle in for maximum impact!

The key is to experiment with many textures and formulas until finding one that works best for you and your style – after all, there’s no right or wrong in beauty!

Blot and Repeat

Having your perfect pout is within reach, just one more step away! Take a moment to blot and repeat – it’s like giving yourself a beautiful hug!

Blotting and repeating help you build up the color payoff of your lipstick and lip gloss. With each application, you can add a layer of sheer gloss for an extra glossy finish. The lipstick alone can be drying, so adding a layer of lip gloss helps to keep your lips hydrated while also providing additional shine.

This technique helps you achieve maximum color payoff with minimal product use, which will help make your look last longer throughout the day. Blotting and repeating ensures all those layers of pigmented goodness come together for the perfect pout – no matter what shade you choose!

Final Touches

Finally, for that extra unique flair, take a moment to add some shimmering sparkle and give your look the perfect finishing touch!

A wonderful way to do this is by using a glossier lip gloss. Not only does this type of gloss have an intense shine, but it can also provide hydration for your lips throughout the day.

Consider using something like Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper for a more dramatic look. This product will instantly plump your lips up and give you fullness that lasts all day.

Finally, if you’re seeking some touch of nostalgia or want to add a subtle sheen to your lips, try Memory Lane – it’s perfect for those seeking comfort and style in their lip products.


Congratulations! You now have the skills to apply lip color and gloss like a professional. By properly preparing your lips, selecting the right color, using the right application techniques, and adding the final touches, you can look your best.

It’s interesting to note that over 90% of women in the US use some form of lipstick or lip gloss regularly, so you’re now part of the majority. Feel confident in showing off your pouty lips, a Natural or dramatic look, no matter what you prefer. Play around with colors and shades until you find what works best for you. Have fun!