The 10 Best Products for Achieving that Perfect Piecey Hair Look



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Have you ever wanted to create that trendy, piecey look for your hair? It’s a classic yet modern style that can be achieved with the right product.

As an expert in hair styling, I’m here to tell you about some of the best products for achieving a piecey look. As part of my job, I’ve tried all sorts of mousses, gels, waxes, and sprays, so I know what works and what doesn’t when creating texture and definition in your locks.

Discover which products will help you achieve the perfect piecey ‘do!

Matte Pomade: Hold, Texture, Separation

Picture yourself walking into a room with the perfect piecey of hair, looking as though you just stepped off the runway. Your friends and family look in awe at your hairstyle, unable to believe it was created without professional help. The secret lies in matte pomade: hold, texture, and separation all rolled up into one amazing product!

Matte pomade is essential when trying to create that timeless, piecey look. It provides great control while also giving your hair an incredible texture. A little goes a long way, too – simply apply a small amount directly onto dry or damp strands for a finished style full of body and volume.

Use some texturizing spray on the roots before styling with matte pomade for extra lift. Then finish by sculpting each section of hair until the desired shape is achieved – simple yet effective!

This lightweight formula will ensure your locks stay put all day without any stickiness or residue left behind. Plus, its matte finish won’t leave your mane looking greasy either – enjoy voluminous tresses with the maximum movement for days on end!

Garnier Fructis Style Power Putty Surfer Hair

Garnier Fructis Style Power Putty Surfer Hair is an excellent styling product for achieving that piecey look. With its unique formula, this putty gives hair some serious texture and hold without crunchiness or greasiness. It’s perfect for creating a beach-inspired style with surfer waves and tousled pieces.

When using Garnier Fructis Style Power Putty Surfer Hair, you’ll get the following benefits:

• Lightweight but stronghold

• Softens the look of your locks while adding definition

• Adds body and volume to create more movement in the hair

• Non-greasy finish so it won’t weigh down strands

This styling product makes it easy

 to achieve effortless-looking piecey styles on all hair types – from thin and fine to thick and curly. So if you’re searching for something to help make your hair look piecey, give Garnier Fructis Style Power Putty Surfer Hair a try! You’ll be glad you did!

Sgx Nyc Piece Maker Beachy Texturizing Spray

The SGX NYC Piece Maker Beachy Texturizing Spray is the perfect product to use if you’re looking for a piecey texture and beachy waves. With this spray, you can create soft yet textured hair with plenty of movement – ideal for wavy or pixie haircuts.

This lightweight formula provides flexible hold while keeping your style in place all day. It’s designed to add body and definition without any crunchiness or stiffness, so you’ll be left with an effortless look that will turn heads!

So why not give it a try? You won’t regret it.

Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13: Styling Fiber Crème

The talented hair styling experts at Kenra Platinum have crafted a revolutionary fiber crème that will give your locks an extra layer of texture and piecey perfection. Like a shining beacon at night, Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13 saves you from dull and lifeless hair!

A perfect blend of nourishing ingredients, this texturizer hydrates the hair while giving it a piecey definition. Its creamy consistency makes it easy to apply and provides long-lasting hold with zero stiffness or crunchiness.

Here are some remarkable benefits:

• Adds volume and body for fuller-looking hair

• Holds up against humidity

• Provides heat protection up to 428°F/220°C

This dream-come-true product won’t disappoint when achieving piecey hair goals. Give yourself salon-worthy results every time with Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13!

Slept In Texture Cream By Sexyhair

Moving on from Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13, Slept In Texture Cream by Sexyhair is another great option for achieving a piecey look.

This product provides a light hold and flexible texture for those with pixie cuts or layered pixies wanting their style to stay in place all day. It’s the perfect base for creating a classic pixie cut with an added boost of texture and definition.

And you can trust that your hair will be sleek and healthy-looking even after working this cream into your locks!

This styling fiber creme is also suitable for anyone looking to create that sexy hairstyle without worrying about any flyaways or frizziness. Plus, it won’t weigh down your strands like some other products do – so you don’t have to sacrifice volume or movement just to get the desired effect.

Overall, Slept In Texture Cream is ideal if you’re looking for something lightweight but powerful enough to give your style the lasting hold it needs.

Sheamoisture Curl Mousse For Frizz Control Coconut And Hibiscus With Shea Butter 7.5 Oz

SheaMoisture Curl Mousse For Frizz Control Coconut And Hibiscus With Shea Butter 7.5 Oz is the perfect product to make your hair look piecey while controlling frizz. It’s a lightweight, non-flaky mousse with great hold and definition without crunchiness or stiffness. Plus, it smells amazing!

Here are some of its features:

• Contains natural ingredients like hibiscus flower extract, coconut oil, and shea butter which nourish your hair and help control frizz

• Lightweight formula won’t leave your hair feeling greasy

• Provides all-day humidity protection for lasting style

• Non-drying formula helps keep hair soft and manageable

No matter what kind of curls you have – wavy, curly, coily – this curl mousse will give you the ultimate styling flexibility without compromising on texture or movement. So if you’re looking to achieve a piecey look and want added frizz control, try SheaMoisture Curl Mousse today!

Garnier Fructis Style Matte & Messy Liquid Hair Putty For Men

When achieving that piecey look for your hair, you want a product with versatile styling options and texture finishing.

The Garnier Fructis Style Matte & Messy Liquid Hair Putty For Men is an ideal choice if you want something to help create those hair pieces.

This putty helps add definition with its lightweight formula that doesn’t weigh down the strands.

It can be applied smoothly on wet or dry hair to achieve various looks from natural to messy – whatever suits your style!

Plus, this putty gives great hold without any stickiness, so your hair won’t feel greasy.

So why wait? Get ready to transform your locks into something special with Garnier Fructis Style matte & messy liquid hair putty today!

Men’s Hair Styling Clay

Men’s hair styling clays are the perfect product to give your hair a piecey and layered look.

Clays like sculpting clay, mineral clay, and styling cream offer impressive benefits for those looking to change their style.

These products can add texture and body to any hairstyle without weighing it down with too much product.

When using these clays, you’ll find that they leave behind no residue or greasy feeling, making them ideal for creating long-lasting styles throughout the day.

Clay-based products provide excellent control for adding volume and definition to your style.

They also make it easier to achieve separation between strands, allowing you to create natural-looking layers even in short or thinning hair.

Whatever type of style you choose—from edgy spikes to soft curls—you’re sure to have success with one of these high-performance clays.

All that’s left is choosing which particular product works best for you!

KMS Hairplay Molding Paste

KMS Hairplay Molding Paste is the perfect product to make your hair look piecey. This styling paste gives choppy and shorter layers a lift without weighing down individual strands like a heavy pomade or wax would.

With KMS Hairplay, you can create a more natural texture than other products. The molding paste creates an effortless style, allowing total control of each strand.

It’s easy to shape and add definition with this lightweight formula that feels like working with dough rather than goopy gunk. Plus, it won’t flake or leave residue in your hair– giving you that perfect piecey finish all day!

Tea Tree Hair Styling Cream

Moving on to the next product, Tea Tree Hair Styling Cream is an excellent choice for those seeking a volumizing styling cream.

This product provides heat protection and helps create texture with air drying techniques.

This product will give your hair a long-lasting hold and contain tea tree oil, which can help reduce dandruff and itchy scalps.

When applying the cream to damp or dry hair, apply sparingly throughout the length of your locks before styling as desired.

It gives a natural feel while providing a piecey definition that won’t be stiff or sticky after use!

So if you want to add some volume and texture to your look, then Tea Tree Hair Styling Cream should definitely be on your list of must-haves.

How To Make Hair Look Piecey

Creating a piecey hair look requires the perfect balance of texture and volume.

To achieve this, start with freshly washed hair that has been towel dried.

Then use a hair texturizer to add the body and separate each strand.

This will give your style that sought-after messy yet glamorous feel.

Use a dry finishing product such as hairspray or wax for extra hold.

These products help to keep individual strands in place while providing additional shine and definition for added dimension.

You can have beautiful piecey locks without worrying about daily flyaways with the right combination of products and techniques!

How To Add Piecey Texture To Hair

Salt sprays are one of the best ways to get that piecey texture in your hair.

The salt spray creates loose waves and gives you a tousled, beach-like look.

For salt spray, spritz it onto damp or dry hair and scrunch small sections with your fingers.

If you want more control over how many waves you create, apply a styling gel before adding the salt spray.

This will help hold the shape while still allowing some movement.

To give extra volume to the style and make sure everything stays in place, add hairspray or volumizing mousse after drying your hair.

This can also help keep flyaways at bay and prevent frizz throughout the day!

Just be careful; too much product can leave hair greasy or crunchy.

With these simple tips, you’ll have perfect piecey texture every time!

How To Get The Look

Achieving perfect piecey hair with a pixie cut is an art form. It requires the right product to get that instant volume and natural movement without looking too stiff or crunchy.

Luckily, this look can be achieved in just a few simple steps! For starters, it’s best to air dry your hair after showering so you don’t create unnecessary heat damage from styling tools.

Once your locks are completely dry, add loose waves using curling tongs for extra texture. Then simply spritz on finishing spray throughout your locks to lock in those beautiful curls while allowing them to move freely when touched.

The result? Instant volume and glorious piecey tresses with minimal effort involved – what could be better?!

Prolonging The Style

Many products are available for those looking to create a piecey look with their hair. To get the most out of your style, it is important to properly prepare and maintain it. Here’s how:

1. Start by using volumizing texture spray as a primer for styling; this will help create a stronghold for whatever you put in next.

2. Generate extra body and texture by applying volumizing mousses throughout the strands. It won’t leave behind any crunch or residue after its application!

3. Reinforce the volume with lightweight volumizing shampoo, which helps keep hair from falling flat during the day without weighing it down too much.

4. Give yourself additional protection against humidity with a salt-free volumizing spray that seals cuticles while providing a light hold finish – perfect if you go outside afterward!

5. Lastly, add some definition and separation to your pieces with the generation of styling putty – great product when applied on dry hair but also works well on dampened ones!

These are just some tips on making your hair look piecey—go ahead, try, and see what kind of looks you can come up with!


As a hair styling expert, I’m always asked how to make hair look piecey. After trying many products, the best ones for achieving this look are matte pomade and Garnier Fructis Style Power Putty Surfer Hair. These two products will help you get that coveted beach-wave texture without spending hours in the sun!

But if you’re looking for something more textured, SGX NYC Piece Maker Beachy Texturizing Spray or Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13 Styling Fiber Crème is ideal adding extra dimension and separation.

And, of course, don’t forget about Sexyhair’s Slept In Texture Cream – it’s perfect for getting those dreamy tousled locks.

So there you have it, folks: these five amazing products can help you achieve your desired piecey look! Now go forth and show off your newfound style – with just a few simple steps, you’ll be rocking your new ‘do in no time!