14 Best Nail Art Ideas with Glitter for Your Next Manicure



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Seeking a way to make your nails sparkle?

Glitter nail art is perfect for taking your manicure to the next level. Whether you’re looking for an ombre effect, French tips, or a galaxy design, glitter can help you make any look stand out.

Creating unique designs with glitter that will last throughout the week is fun and easy. In this article, we’ll show you how to achieve different looks with glitter nail art so you can dazzle everyone at your next special event.

Glitter ombre nails

Let’s add some sparkle to your mani with a dazzling ombre effect! Ombre nails are a great way to spice up your nail art game, and adding glitter takes it to the next level.

To create this look:

  1. Choose two shades of glitter polish with similar tones or complementary colors.
  2. Apply the lighter shade from the cuticle to the mid-nail, then apply the darker shade from the mid-nail to the tip.
  3. Use a thin brush or toothpick for more control and precision as you work.

After applying both colors, blend them in the middle of your nail with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover. When you’ve even transitioned between the two shades, seal it with a top coat of clear nail polish to keep your design intact!

With some practice, you can master this fun glitter ombre nail art technique that will bring any manicure extra shine and allure.

Glitter French Tips

Investigating the theory that French tips can be spruced up with sparkle, let’s see how this new look comes together.

You’ll need to create your French mani as usual – white polish.

After that, it’s time to add some glitter! Choose a sparkly nail polish that either contrasts or compliments the color of your white base.

Now you can get creative and make your nails stand out – opt for different shapes and sizes of glitter for a unique design.

When finished, top off your look with a clear coat or glossy topcoat for added protection and shine.

The result? A beautiful set of glittery nails perfect for any season!

Whether you go subtle or bold with your glitter French tips, know you can rock this look like no other!

With the right colors and textures, these nails will turn heads – so if you’re feeling daring, feel free to experiment!

Glitter accent nails

You can take your manicure to another level by adding some glitzy accents, creating a look that will catch your eyes wherever you go.

Glitter accent nails are the perfect way to achieve this dazzling effect. With just a bit of nail glue and glitter, you can create beautiful designs on one or more nails for an eye-catching look that stands out.

The possibilities are virtually endless for glitter nail art designs – use them as an accent for a classic French tip, or opt for something brighter and bolder, like shapes and patterns. No matter what you choose, the shimmer is always in style!

To make sure you have the perfect nail look, try practicing first on a false set of nails before applying it directly onto your own. That way, you’ll have a lot of time to get creative with glitter nail design ideas before committing to anything permanent.

Glitter galaxy nails

You can transport yourself to a far-off universe of dazzling beauty and sparkle with glitter galaxy nails. This stunning look is created with glittery nail polishes and design techniques.

To start, create an ombre effect with several shades of your favorite glitter nail pots. Then layer on a few coats of dark or metallic hues for depth and contrast. Finally, use a thin brush to draw stars, nebulas, or other galactic elements in various colors to complete the awe-inspiring look.

For extra sparkle, consider adding accent nails in glitter gold nails or other special effects like holographic glitters to make your manicure shine.

Various glitter nail designs are possible when creating this type of look – the only limit is your imagination! Whether you choose subtle pastels or bold pigments, these gorgeous glitter manicures will have everyone around you wishing they could travel through space with you!

Glitter star nails

Ready to add a little more sparkle to your manicure? Glitter star nails are the ideal way to take your nail art game up!

From gold stars and silver sparkles adorning your fingers, you can give yourself an effortlessly glamorous look with just one simple step. With glitter nail art being all the rage, it’s no wonder glitter star nails are so popular!

To get this look, start by painting on two coats of polish. Once dry, use tweezers or tweezer-shaped dotting tools to place small dots of glitter polish around each nail. Use different colors for each finger and create shapes that resemble stars.

Finish the look with a clear topcoat, and enjoy showing off your new mani!

Glitter stripe nails

Instantly add some pizzazz to your look with these glitzy glitter stripe nails! This show-stopping manicure will make a statement in no time.

These dazzling nails are easy to achieve; all you need is a nail art brush, some glitter nail polish, and a few silver glitter nail art shapes. Whether you go minimalist or all-out, this style will bring the perfect sparkle to any occasion.

Simply paint two stripes on each nail using the desired colors of glitter polish, then use the nail art brush loaded with silver glitter for definitive lines. Add an accent shape if desired for an extra pop of glamour.

With this stunning design, your nails will truly be one-of-a-kind!

Glitter polka dot nails

Get ready to dazzle with these polka dot-covered nails! You’ll be shining in no time with just a bit of sparkly polish and some silver accents.

Add a single glittery polka dot to create an eye-catching look on each nail. To do this, use a matte base coat on your nails for the best effect. Then, using any color of glitter nail polish you like, use a fine brush or dotting tool to create cute dots.

You can add more than one polka dot onto each nail if you’re adventurous! Or why not mix it up and alternate between glittery spots and small nail stickers?

Glitter floral nails

Glam up your look with these dazzling floral nails, perfect for any special occasion. Give your mani some extra sparkle by adding glitter nail art to classic flower designs.

From roses to daisies and everything in between, you can use a variety of nail rhinestones to make a bold statement. Whether you opt for subtle sparkles or an all-out glitter explosion, this look is sure to be a hit at any party.

Glitter rainbow nails

Make your mani stand out and show off your unique style with dazzling rainbow nails! With this vibrant look, you’ll be sure to turn heads and create an eye-catching statement.

Glitter rainbow nails are the perfect way to express yourself while rocking a beautiful manicure. Whether you prefer subtle or bold, simple or intricate, there’s a design for everyone. You can start with a base coat in any color of your choice and then add glitter pieces in various colors from Ultrafine Nail Art’s range of glitter nail art supplies to create a stunning rainbow effect.

Make sure you apply a topcoat afterward for extra protection and shine! With these products, it’s easy to get creative and come up with different designs that will make your nails truly unique. So take advantage of the opportunity to sparkle up your fingertips with some gorgeous glitter rainbow nail art today!

Glitter snowflake nails

Moving away from the rainbow of colors, let’s check out the winter wonderland of glitter snowflake nails! Whether you have natural nails or acrylics, there are plenty of ways to make these sparkly manis look amazing.

With just a few steps, you can create your own flashy snowflake nail designs with a range of glitters and nail art tools. To get started, you’ll need some silver glitter in either loose form or nail glitter pots. You can go for a solid silver design or mix it up with other shades, such as rose gold or holographic, for an extra glam look.

Then use striping tape to help draw on your snowflake shapes and add more intricate details using a thin brush. Finish off your design by adding some top coat to keep all that glitter in place – et voila!

Your very own set of beautiful winter-themed glitter snowflake nails is complete and ready to be shown off!

Glitter mermaid nails

Seeking a magical makeover? Glitter mermaid nails are the perfect way to do it! Glitter nail art is all the rage right now, and these ultrafine nail art glitters can help you create an eye-catching look.

Use iridescent glitter for an ombre effect, or mix shades together to make a unique rainbow of colors on your fingertips, from sparkly stars and scales to intricate designs that will have people staring in awe.

With just a few simple supplies like clear top coat polish and tweezers, you can transform your nails into something beautiful. Whether you opt for subtle shimmery accents or go all out with bold, colorful designs, glitter mermaid nails will be sure to turn heads everywhere you go!

Glitter unicorn nails

Give your fingertips a magical transformation with glitter unicorn nails!

To achieve this look, start by painting your nails white for the base coat. Then, use nail art pens or thin brushes to draw on the unicorn design of your choice. To give the nails some extra shimmer, carefully add pieces of mini nail rhinestones along the edges of each design.

Try using French nails with glitter as part of your manicure for a dramatic look. Finally, seal everything in place with a top coat polish for long-lasting results that will turn heads everywhere you go!

Glitter firework nails

Show off your glamorous side with glitter firework nails! Unleash your inner fashionista with an explosion of color, starting with a coat of gold glitter for the base layer. Next, use red, orange, and yellow polishes to create a burst of colors that you can customize according to your personal taste.

Finish it off by adding some extra sparkle from small pieces of glitter nail art for an even more eye-catching effect. With each stroke and dab, you’ll create a bit of sparkle that will make your nails pop.

Glitter Halloween nails

Get ready to show off your spooktacular style this Halloween with these dazzling Glitter nails!

With your middle finger covered in a daring black and silver glitter nail art design, you’ll be the life of the party.

Complete the look with some gem nail art jewels to add a bit of colorful flair. Or, you can opt for an all-silver glitter nail look that’s sure to turn heads at any costume party.

The best part is these designs are so versatile that they can easily transition from Halloween into other seasons.

So if you’re feeling daring enough, go for it and have fun with it!


You’ve just seen that there are so many nail art looks you can create with glitter! Whether it’s an ombre look, French tips, accent nails, a gradient, galaxy design, or something more holiday-inspired like Easter or the Fourth of July – the possibilities are endless.

What’s exciting is that you can make each look unique by mixing and matching colors and shades. With a little bit of creative sparkle in your life, you can show off your individual style and stand out from the crowd.

So unleash your inner artist and get glitzy!