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Highlighting curly hair can be a tricky business. Guys with curls often worry about making the most of their locks while avoiding frizz and damage. Thankfully, a few simple highlights can help guys bring out the best in their curly hair.

In this article, we’ll explore the best methods for highlighting curly hair guys, so they can get the look they want while keeping their curls healthy and looking their best. The key to highlighting curls is finding the right products and techniques.

We’ll discuss choosing the right color for highlights and which products and tools are best suited for guys with curls. Any guy can enhance his natural curl pattern with these tips without sacrificing health or style.

Blonde Highlight Streak On Long Hair

He strutted down the street, his golden locks spilling over his fringe like a wave of sunshine.

With curly hair, he had added a subtle blonde streak to his long mane, giving him an air of mystery and mischief.

His locks bounced with each step he took, the highlights dazzling in the sun.

His look was finished off with a smirk that said, don’t mess with me!

Undoubtedly, he had achieved his goal of standing out from the crowd.

Purple Highlights Curls

Purple highlights on curly hair can be an amazing way to change your hairstyle. Curls can be highlighted in various ways, with the added bonus of not needing to worry about styling them afterward.

A fade highlighting technique works best for curls, as it helps bring out their natural texture and provides subtle color without overwhelming the overall look. To achieve this, use a color service specifically formulated for curly hair that’ll keep your locks looking healthy and vibrant.

With purple highlights, you can easily transform your hairstyle into something unique and eye-catching!

Messy Brown Highlights

For guys with curly hair, brown highlights can be a great way to add some depth and dimension to their look. However, it’s important to ensure that the products used on this hair type are specifically designed for curls.

The wrong product can lead to brittle and breakage-prone hair, so using the right products is key to maintaining healthy curls. Curly hair tends to have a unique texture, so finding a good curl-specific product that provides moisture and hydration is essential for achieving the best results when adding highlights.

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Doing so will help ensure your curls stay healthy and beautiful while you rock your new look!

Medium Brown Highlights On Black

From the wild, messy brown highlights of before, we now look at a style that exudes an air of sophistication – medium brown highlights on black hair.

It’s perfect for those with curly locks and is ideal for framing facial features.

This look takes some skill, so it’s best to find a trusted stylist who can give you the exact cut you want.

With this style, you’ll be ready to turn heads and make an impression wherever you go!

The combination of black and brown hues gives off a mysterious vibe that will draw people in – so don’t be surprised if your beauty turns heads!

Light Brown Highlights On Dark Brown

Light brown highlights on dark brown curly hair are a great way to add subtle dimension and lift to the overall look.

If you have wavy or straight hair that does this color combination can create an eye-catching style.

Blonde highlights are also a great option for those with dark hair, as they will brighten the overall look and provide more contrast.

It doesn’t matter what combination of colors you choose; light brown highlights on dark brown hair are sure to make an impact and turn heads whenever you go out.

Ash Brown Highlights For Men

Switching from light brown highlights to brown ash highlights is like trading in a cozy sweater for a sleek leather jacket.

Ash brown highlights are perfect for men with straight or curly hair alike. Whether you have gray hair, surfer hair, fringes, or wild curly hairstyles, brown ash highlights can add some extra pizzazz to your look.

The color adds warmth and depth without being too flashy or over the top, making it ideal for guys who want to keep things looking classic yet modern. Ash brown highlights give any style an effortlessly cool vibe—take the plunge and try something new!

Blonde Highlights On Light Brown

Blonde highlights on light brown hair can be a wonderful way to add variety to your curly afro style.

With the help of a master stylist, you can have beautiful sun-kissed blonde hues that blend perfectly with your natural light brown base.

Careful bleaching is essential for this look so that your curls stay healthy and hydrated.

This combination creates an effortless yet sophisticated style that will turn heads for sure!


Caramel Highlights On Brown

Moving on from light brown hair, the next style to consider for men with curly hair is caramel highlights on brown locks.

This look can be achieved by adding a few subtle, warm-toned highlights to dark brown hair. The result is a beautiful contrast between the warm coloring and the deep, natural tones of the dark curls.

With this color combination, creating an array of hairstyles is easy, from a fishtail braid and long bangs to a curly afro or fringe. No matter what style you choose, caramel highlights are sure to give your locks a stylish touch that will turn heads wherever you go.

Men’s Copper Highlights

Copper highlights are perfect for guys with curly hair. Whether natural or styled, this look can help enhance their hair type and bring out its natural curls.

To achieve the best results, stylists recommend using a copper-tone mask before and after styling to protect the hair.

When it comes to styling, there are many options available. From subtle balayage to bold ombré, these hairstyles will make any guy’s curls stand out and shine!

Plus, when done correctly, copper highlights can last anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on their care taken of them.

With the right products and tips from experienced stylists, any guy can confidently rock this trend.

Blonde Highlights On Black

Moving on from copper highlights, another popular look for curly-haired guys is blonde highlights on black or bleached hairstyles.

Blonde hair can be a great way to add dimension and style to your look, especially when paired with a beard or braid.

The possibilities are endless, whether you go for subtle balayage effects or full-on platinum blonde highlights.

This bold style can help express your individual personality and give you that extra confidence boost.

Whatever your preference, having blonde highlights on black hair will make heads turn.

Bright Blonde Highlights On Brown

Adding blonde highlights to curly hair can create a cool hairstyle that stands out. Whether you go all-over blonde or just add subtle streaks, there are plenty of options for color-treated hair. When it comes to damage, it’s important to know your limits with any chemical process and ensure you have the right tools and products for maintenance.

Here are some great options for blonding curly hair:

  • All-Over Blonde: This is a dramatic look for those who want to go full-on blonde. It requires more upkeep than other styles because of the lightning needed, but the results can be worth it!
  • Highlights: Highlighting darker curls can give them an extra boost of dimension and depth. The trick is to keep the highlights close enough together that they blend well with the natural color of your locks.
  • Ombre: If you’re looking for something softer, ombre is a great way to transition from dark roots to light at the ends without too much maintenance.

No matter what style you choose, having bright blonde highlights on brown curls can be a wonderful way to show off your unique style while maintaining things low.

Platinum Highlights

Moving on from blonde highlights, platinum highlights are a great option for those with curly or afro hair.

Loose curls can be enhanced by subtle platinum highlights, while tight curls look voluminous and highlighted simultaneously.

This is also a great way to add texture to your curls and make them stand out even more.

Whether you have tight or loose curls, adding some platinum highlights will surely give your hair an extra boost of shine and volume.

Overall, platinum highlights are a great choice for anyone looking to showcase their curly hair!

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Blue Top Highlights With Undercut

For guys with coily curls, top blue highlights can be a great way to show off their unique texture. Curl cream can help define and enhance the curliest curls while adding a pop of color.

Highlights are subtle enough that they won’t take away from the natural beauty of boys’ hair but add just enough interest to make it stand out. With extra TLC, you’ll have the coolest look on the block!

Teal Man Braids

Let’s talk about teal man braids, from the bold, blue top highlights of the undercut to something more traditional.

This hairstyle is perfect for those with curly hair who want to change their look!

When it comes to styling this look, you have several options.

From adding hair extensions to creating an intricate waterfall braid, many ways exist to achieve your desired curly hairstyle appearance.

The teal shade adds a unique texture and color that looks great at any event, from casual hangouts to formal occasions like weddings, where bridal hairstyles are typically seen.

So experiment with your hair and try out this quirky yet classic style!


Guys with curly hair can transform their look with highlights. From the classic blonde streak to a daring teal man braid, so many options exist!

Not only are these looks stylish, but they can also help bring out different shades and tones of your natural curls. In addition to being fashionable, highlighting curly hair can also be beneficial for health reasons.

According to research, adding highlights can help protect your scalp from sun damage and reduce breakage by up to 45%. This makes it ideal for anyone looking to maintain healthy hair without sacrificing style.

Highlighting your curls is a great way to make a statement while still caring for your hair. With so many looks available, you’ll find something that fits your style and brings out the best in your locks!

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